Monday, March 30, 2009

Where Is Spring?

What a day of crazy weather we've had here in MN! Rain, snow, sleet, rain, snow, sleet, repeat. We were going to do an errand or two after preschool today, but I just wanted to get back home where it's warm. Who wants to get out more than necessary in that kind of weather?

The days seem to be passing quickly lately. Both of the last 2 weeks, I've found myself wondering how Friday had already arrived. This is good. Moving on toward the warm weather is just what we need.

The geese and ducks recently arrived at the pond out back. I watch them from my kitchen. They swim in whatever water is available at the time. I'm sure they don't really get this weather either. Frozen pond one day, half frozen the next. Today I've noticed that several of them are trying to take shelter along the brushy banks in this nasty weather. Poor things. They probably weren't expecting this weird weather either.

The heron is back. Egad! If you know me, you know he's not my favorite. I have an irrational fear about the herons. This guy doesn't seem as large and menacing as some. His dad is probably the one I'm afraid of.
There he is, in the lower right corner, lurking right outside my fence. Look at that sharp beak. LOL.

In other news - Spring break begins this Friday. Bryan will be leaving for a trip to Europe on Friday, with the school band. I have a few odds and ends to take care of, to make sure he's ready to go. I'm a bit nervous to be sending him off. It's his first trip out of the country without us. I need prayer. :) Just kidding. Can't wait to hear about his trip and see photos.

Here's a photo of Jadyn from yesterday morning. Gotta love the style of a 4 year old.


Aunt LoLo said...

Lookin' good!!

Thanks for stopping by Bubba Bubbles!!

Nancy said...

Crazy weird weather is right! I picked Rose up this afternoon and it was raining. Rose pipes up from the back seat and says "At least it's not hailing, mom" and wouldn't you know it, right after she said it, it started to hail - or sleet - or sneet - or whatever you want to call it.

Jboo said...

Spring seems delayed again in Nebraska too-- come one warm weather! Oh my -- that heron would scare me too! And love your girl's fashion sense -- she's so cute!

Hope you son has a wonderful trip -- it is a little sending them off on their alone, isn't it!

Happy Wednesday!

sunshine said...

I'm ready for some sunshine and warm days myself.
We have rain AGAIN today. Although it's better than snow right?!?

For an April Fools joke you should have told Bryan you signed up to chaparone his trip. Hehehe...
I'd be nervous too if my son was doing that. Just a "Mom" thing I guess. ;)

Jadyn!!! You have definatly got some kind of style girl! That is a whole lot goin on and not many people can pull that off. What a special little girl you are! So beautiful.

((Hugs)) Laura

Lauryn said...

Between a kid out of the country and a heron in your backyard, you have a lot to be nervous about. We'll be praying! ;)

Will you e-mail me that photo of Jadyn?