Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Five Boo Boos

Jadyn had to go to the doctor for a check up today. I'm glad to say that she's very healthy. I like our pediatrician a lot, he's such a nice guy. He asked Jadyn so many questions, just to see if she's on track for her age. It was funny and interesting to hear her answers.

I told him that it must be quite entertaining to listen to the random things that little kids say each day. He said it's one of the best things about the job. He said they'll sometimes say things that shock their parents. Things like, "My mom and dad like to wrestle and......" He's had to just cut them off right there, thinking that maybe what goes on at home should stay at home. LOL.

Poor Jadyn had to get 5 shots. The doctor asked me if I wanted her to get all 5 or if I'd want to come back another time for more. It's such a tough decision to say, "Yes, give my child 5 shots." You feel like such a mean mom. We decided to just do all 5 and get it over with. I hated putting her through that though.

What I do love is the new, quick retractable syringes. I'd never seen them before last fall when we got our flu shots. Those babies are in and out in a flash. I don't know that it makes it any less painful, but it's over and done quickly anyway.

Poor Jadyn, I felt so bad for her to be traumatized that way. She did get 4 really cool Bandaids, 3 stickers and then the gum I had promised her.

We were on our way to Target after the doctors appointment. Jadyn was still feeling sad. She really knows how to work me. She said, "Mom, I wouldn't be so sad, if we could go to the pet store." She's one smart cookie. So we went to the pet store for a while. That made things all better.


Jboo said...

Oh -- getting all those shots is so hard on everyone! Hope the pet shop helped and she feels better!


Terry said...

Didn't we talk about pet store before? :-) We love the pet store...hope it made the boo boo's all better!

Kim said...

Hope Jadyn's feeling better soon! I thought the same thing, why would we want to come back later. Just get it over with in one day. Sometimes I think us mom's feel the pain more than they do.

Hoping tomorrow is a better day for you both!

Lea said...

poor girl! I think that is really worth being "worked"!


Kristin said...

Oh poor baby. I hope she is feeling better now. That is not much fun. :-(

Gail said...

Hope tomorrow she feels better, that's a lot of shots for a little girl. G and W like the pet store too. :)

sunshine said...

Poor little thing. But, I think you made the right call. Might as well get them over with.
Hope that she is feeling okay.

We love the pet store too! I always want to take everything home with us though....

Nancy said...

Careful with those trips to the pet know how my visits turned out :) and it's sitting on my lap right now.