Saturday, April 25, 2009

What I've Learned

During the past couple of days, I've learned these things:

1. Easter grass does not sit well in a cat's tummy. What goes down must come back up. Ewww! Our little goat-cat likes to eat all kinds of strange things and seems to have a preference for plastic. I put away Jadyn's Easter basket about a week after Easter. I forgot that Bryan still had his in his room. Sophie didn't forget. Not pretty at all.

2. A teenage boy can totally forget the fact that he's babysitting his 4 year old sister, who is napping in her room. Yes, it is possible for him to totally forget that she's sleeping in the room 2 doors down from his room. He will walk right past her room. He will gather all of his things for an overnight band camp. He will get into his little red car and drive away, never looking back. He will totally forget that he left his little 4 year old sister sleeping her room.

His mom will arrive home about 10 minutes later. Mom will look on all three levels of the house for him. Mom will have the horrible realization that her teenage son forgot that he was in charge of his sister. His mom will call him on his cell phone and ask him where he is and if he remembers where his 4 year old sister is. There will be a moment of silence. Then he will say, "Uh, she's not with you?....Ohhh no!"

His mom will not be too pleased with him.

The things that immediately go through a mom's mind...

What if the house had caught on fire in that 10 minutes? I know, it was only 10 minutes, but what if?

What if my 4 year old got up from her nap and frantically searched the house and thought she'd been abandoned? I can only imagine the trauma, especially for our child, who has a huge fear of being left alone.

It was only 10 minutes, and she was sleeping, but still....

Hmm, this may come back to haunt the teenage son.

3. Chuck E. Cheese on a Friday afternoon is survivable. Little prizes are so thrilling for a 4 year old and well worth the time spent following a 4 year old around a crowded game room. One trip to Chuck E. Cheese will hopefully buy me a few months and I won't be bugged to go there. I can hope anyway.

4. Date night is great for Mom and Dad. A nice, quiet restaurant can do wonders for a couple. A drive downtown is so worth it. We didn't have to spend time fighting the crowds in our suburb. Yes!


Goosegirl said...

OH MY!! Smack that boy! Ok not really, but it would freak me out too. I am glad your sweetie did not wake up because this could have been so very scary. I know it would have been really scary for my girl.

And a date......ah yes....I hope we get to do that again soon. I am glad you had a good time! Such a worthwhile thing.

Have a beautiful, blessed saturday.

In His Grace,

Jean said...

Oh my- That's scary! We had a babysitter that lost one of our kids! Thank goodness he was at a neighbors!

I love the date night idea! We are hoping for that when our manny Mark comes home from college!!


Rosie said...

I used to have a cat that would eat yarn. I would catch her eating yard and have to pull the string out of her throat. Nasty! I loved that stupid cat!

I have found that teenage boys have no brain cells. He must be in love.

I love your blog design!

Nancy said...

Yikes! That's scary for sure (both the easter grass and forgetting little girl!). i"m glad it turned out ok.

sunshine said...

After my 4th child was born we had gone out for dinner.We came home got out of the van and were doing our thing in the house when I realized something was wrong.
I had forgotten the baby in the van. Luckily he was still sleeping in his carseat but still... I felt terrible. (it was only a couple of minuites)
I guess it can happen to anyone. I won't tell you my story about when I was 3 and my teenage brother was supposed to be watching me outside. Now THAT's a scary one!!!
I'm so glad that everything turned out okay. I'm sure he's learned his lesson and feels pretty badly.

hollym. said...

I'll be your son felt horrible. Wowzie! Thankful that you were home so soon and that your sweet pea stayed asleep and all was well!! Bet her guardian angel was pacing, tho:)

hollym. said...

That is: I'll bet, I'll bet your son felt horrible. Not I'll be..
I guess that I need some sleep.

Lea said...

oh my word! Poor you, poor teenage son!

I love date night so much.

Hope you are having a great weekend.


Kristy said...

Oh gosh, I would have just freaked out and probably said wayyyyy to much in anger and then later totally regreted it realizing that he is just a teenager, but a teenager that must learn responsibility. But you know he is a good kid that just made a mistake. I am so thankful that the baby was still sleeping. I am so glad that you and your husband had a great time.

Love, Kristy

Anita said...

OK.....just have to add my OH MY GOSH...OH MY WORD..are you KIDDING ME? all the others!! LOL!! I'm not quite sure what I would have done AFTER I had calmed down. LOL!!

And Mark and I HAVE to get in some GREAT date nights before Jen takes off for college......shh....don't tell her though! LOL!!

Love the new look, too, Laura!

Kristin said...

Oh my gosh. I would have had a nervous breakdown. I freak out when the girls are suddenly not visible in my backyard or are playing hide and seek in the house and refuse to be found.

I will say that, knock on wood, my teens have not done the same thing. But you just never know. Their time may come.

I am very glad everything turned out okay. Even more thankful that Jadyn did not wake up.

Gee, wish my four year old napped. :-)