Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cat-Goat-Dog, Oh My!

Most of my posts are about Jadyn. Today's is about our other toddler, Sophie.....the cat-goat-dog.

I've thought before that maybe it would be fun to do a post some day about the cat. I thought I'd do a little post about all of the cute things she does. For instance, how she's the best kitty blogger and often keeps us company at the computer.

Today's post isn't necessarily about how cute she is. I just need to share my frustration about her weird habits. Maybe you have a weird animal too and you can sympathize with me. :)

Alan and I have often joked about what a strange little kitty she is. Sometimes we think she's part dog. Dog characteristics: Enjoys licking us. Searches for food under the table. She sometimes uses her paws to rake tidbits from underneath Jadyn's booster seat and onto the floor for eating.

She's more like a goat than anything. She eats or chews up all kinds of things. Sometimes I find it funny, sometimes I find it plain annoying.

She does these things in a heartbeat, sometimes before you realize it. Here are just a few of the things she's eaten:

*1 strand of ribbon from a toy wand
*3/4 of the string from a mini yo yo
*small wad of paper (I watched as she quickly ran over and gobbled it up!)

Things she's chewed up:

*Barbie hanger
*aloe vera plant (Does this often and probably is aware of the medicinal properties.)
*insulation foam
*plastic string from a necklace
*Jadyn's flower seedlings on the kitchen windowsill
*plastic clinging to the bottom of new refrigerator (insanely fascinated with it daily)

Has tried to eat, and we had to act FAST:

*Polly Pocket skirt
*tiny pine cone from game
*tiny tea cup
*plastic label on box

These are only the things that we KNOW about. Scary to think about what she may have eaten when no one was around!

I'll add a few photos of her cute self. How could something so cute do so many crazy things?

Notice me, please!

Blogging kitty

Keeping Bryan company while he plays games.

Maybe I should check to see if this bear still has a ribbon!


OH MY #6 said...

Its funny, I have a dog that thinks he is a cat! LOL!

cute post! cute kitty too!


Anonymous said...

Laura, too weird - today at work we had this very conversation. One of my coworkers is at her wits end because her cat keeps chewing cords - cellphone recharger, ear buds, etc.

Missing everyone at playgroup, but happy I have your blog to stay connected!


Denise C said...

OH Laura...I just love this post!!!! I always had a cat when growing up...I loved them!!!! They are so smart...yet funny....and lovable when they "want" to be! Your is so cute!!!! Obviously your fur baby has a great personality!!!! Love it!!!
Have a great day!!!

a Tonggu Momma said...

I love your kitty -- he should hang out with our cat Rusty. Rusty enjoys eating things, too, but then he vomits all over the house. His favorites usually involve some form of present goodness -- ribbons, wrapping paper, tape, bows. He also enjoys licking photographs. (What is up with THAT?!?!?)

Dawn S. said...

Our cat used to get into the closet at our first apt. and we would come home to tampax all over the floor! He is in kitty heaven now after 16 and a haf wonderful years with him! Love your pictures!!

LID 3-13-06