Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Cell Phone Joy

Ahh, the cell phone. I'm so glad I have mine. I know we all sometimes wonder how we ever got along without them.
I recently had to upgrade to unlimited texting. We were having a bit too many fees tacked onto our bill each month, due to my texting habit. I am enjoying my unlimited texting very much, and it will be worth every penny. :)

It was time to see what photos were on my phone. Here are the ones I felt compelled to share....
"Can I go too?"
When Kaitlyn was packing to move back to college, Jadyn tried to go along too.

Last Sunday, Jadyn gathered 3 of her phones. She said it was so that she could call Kate.

Calling Kate.

I texted (Is that a word?) these 2 photos to Kaitlyn. She said, "Well why don't you just let her call me?" So we did that.

Even though Kaitlyn was away at school last year, Jadyn still seems to be a little confused about why Kaitlyn's not back from school yet this time. She keeps asking me when Kaitlyn will be back, or why she has to go to school. One evening last week, she asked if Kaitlyn could come for supper.

She's already drawn numerous pictures that we need to mail to Kaitlyn. I hope Kaitlyn is ready for art for her dorm room. :)

Here are 3 photos from our Texas trip...

This is Bryan, playing with Jadyn when we were at my parents' house. She is yelling in protest. I probably would too!

Here is one of Jadyn's funny faces. This was at lunch when we were in Oklahoma. I lifted this one from Kaitlyn. I hope she won't mind. :)
Ahh, is there a more sweet and peaceful thing to see in the car? This is naptime, on the way home from Texas. A parent's joy. :)

Here are 3 photos of the grandkitten. Lauryn sent these to me. She is just too cute! Sawyer is a very active kitten and she keeps Lauryn and Aaron busy.
I believe Lauryn titled this one something like, "What, no granola bars for kitty?"

Worn out

Hoping for a bath? Probably not.


Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

Love the silly photo pic!

Anonymous said...

Ooooo, the kitty photos are way too cute. I miss my kitties! Of course, the pictures of Jadyn are pretty precious too! Nancy