Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Iron Is Hot

I'm in the mood for more blogging, so I decided I should jump right on it. I've been a little lax with the blog during the past several weeks. I should definitely strike while the iron's hot. I wonder where that saying came from anyway. A blacksmith?

Here are photos which were taken in the back yard of a playgroup friend, 2 weeks ago.

Bathing Cuties

Look how her garden grows!! Remember back at the beginning of June, when Jadyn planted her flowers? Here are her zinnias now! She is so proud of them and she has to show them to everyone. They were definitely a good choice for a child to plant. They came up fast and have been so hardy.

Indulging Mom with yet another photo.

On Tuesday the 19th, we had a rainy afternoon. Kaitlyn and Jadyn decided to play in the rain on the deck. They had fun!

Rain Dance!

Last Friday, we had playgroup friends over for a Sand & Sea party. I actually didn't take many photos. Here is just one. How many little girls can fit into a sandbox? Room for one more? :) I put shells into the sand for them to find. You can sort of see them here.

Here are photos from our trip to the State Fair yesterday.

Petting a 1 day old calf, and also a momma cow.

Sweet babies!

My brother used to raise momma pigs and babies like these as an FFA project when we were teenagers. I still think the babies are so cute!

This is today's funny photo. Jadyn has been playing with this puppy for a couple of days, wrapping it in blankets, feeding it, etc. I just laughed out loud today when she asked me to look how he was drinking tea! :) She's a funny girl.


Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

Way back when...I was on a semester exchange to Bethel and it was State Fair time. I ended up going with a group of guys that go together each year. Some were not thrilled that a girl was going along, but those feelings changed when they learned that a city slicker from out west had NO knowledge of farming. They teased me about not knowing what all the equipment was. They were also amused by my reaction to the animal smells. Not to be outdone, I joined in and actually won the milk drinking contest that they always have with each other. I won't share the details of needing to visit the restroom after that. Great memories! lol!

OH MY #6 said...

Oh my how cute! Thanx for making my day with these photos. Love the little chicks!


Denise C said...

OH how fun! Chelsi always loved playing in the rain!!! I love the sandbox pic of all the little precious cuties in and around it! You have had days full of fun and blessings!
Love them all!!!