Monday, June 2, 2008

It's Monday

We had a good weekend. It was good, considering that I felt abandoned. Just kidding really. Alan was gone for 2 days to a state political convention, and both of my older girls and son-in-law have traveled out of state. Alan has returned and our older children will be back this week.

Jadyn and I were the only ones home on Friday night, so we made a pizza and watched a movie. On Saturday morning, the 2 of us went to a friend's Pampered Chef party. Woo hoo, more stuff for my kitchen. Seriously, Bryan was excited to hear that one thing I ordered was another pizza cutter. You know at 16, pizza is a food group for him. :)

On Saturday evening, Alan was back and we went to a friend's graduation party. It was all good fun until the tornado sirens went off. So everyone (except the storm watchers) headed to the basement for safety. No tornado came, but we had the most severe hail storm we have seen in a long time. Wow! The trees and flowers certainly took a beating. I was just sick when I came home and saw our flowers. Many people had to rake up bags and bags of leaves. I am glad the storm didn't bring anything more serious.

On Sunday afternoon we worked outside a bit in the yard. Planted some flowers from the nursery and Jadyn planted flower seeds. She's pretty excited about it and I sure hope those flowers come up! She already believes they are probably coming up.

This tall guy is a Great Blue Heron. We see herons out at the pond in the warmer months. They are interesting birds and it's fun to watch them fishing. Now I know I'm safe here in my little house, but something about them makes me uneasy. I just have this strange irrational fear that they want to chase me and peck my eyes. Just sharing this because it's just one of my silly oddities. I took this photo from the deck, where it was safe. :)

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OH MY #6 said...

You know I love having time alone with my children individually!

And, these pictures are so precious.

Have a good day my friend.