Friday, June 18, 2010


I just have to show you the babies who are living in a bush in our front yard.  They are just outside our front door really.

Jadyn made a discovery about 2 weeks ago.  She came running inside and told me she found a bird's nest.  She said it was a robin's nest.  I asked how she knew it was a robin's nest.  She said she had seen a robin fly out of it.

It's a large round bush and Jadyn is able to get underneath it.  This is how she found the nest.  The nest is too high for her to see into.  (This is a good thing.)

I took a look into the nest, and this is what I saw.

How pretty these 4 eggs were!  It took about a week after we first saw the eggs, but all of them hatched.

This is how the babies look now.  I can't believe how fast they grow!  They are so cute when they raise their little heads looking for food.  I'd hoped to get a photo of one with its head raised, but they were all sleeping.

This is their mommy on the neighbor's roof.  She doesn't like it when we look at the babies.  She yells at us.  :)  We try not to do it too often.  

Maybe I will get at least one more photo of the babies pretty soon.

Jadyn is so proud of these baby birds!  We had lots of family visiting us this past week, for Bryan's graduation.  Jadyn wanted everyone to see the babies.  They are pretty sweet.