Monday, June 23, 2008


Hi friends! It's been such a long time since I've updated and I'm sorry about that. If you could see the state of our kitchen right now, you'd know why. We're doing some updating.

The kitchen has had wallpaper with fruit on it for quite a number of years. I'd been longing to take it down for such a long time now. We are very slow to make changes, and commit to it. I don't think either of us have the "designer gene" if you know what I mean. Somehow we were born without that. :)

We'd talked about updating the kitchen with new paint, counter tops, appliances, and flooring, for some time. Hurray, we've finally started! I will have to post before and after photos one of these days.

Bryan has been staying very busy for the last several weeks. He's been marching with the band in many parades and festivals. We have spent some of our evenings and weekends attending as many of those events as possible. We love doing this, and hate to miss a single parade. He has had a couple of parades that were 2 or more hours away and we haven't gone to those.

We are really enjoying having Kaitlyn at home for the summer. She is continuing her job at Applebee's and also has a new job as a nanny for a family. She is taking care of their son who is 10 years old and has special needs.

Kaitlyn's boyfriend, Chris, will be coming for a visit in about 2 weeks. He lives in Missouri. We are looking forward to his visit and getting to know him better. I know that Kaitlyn is counting the days until his arrival.

Lauryn and Aaron added a new family member over the weekend. They have a new kitten, and she is adorable! She is my grandkitten. :) I will have to include a photo of her here.

Jadyn is doing fine. I've noticed a new layer of humor in her lately. I can tell that she is understanding more humor and doing some new funny things.

Alan had an unfortunate little accident last week. He was outside playing with Jadyn one evening, while taking a break from working on the deck. He was pushing her in the swing and was planning to give her a big push and jump to the other side of her and surprise her. As he pushed off of his leg to jump, he tore a muscle in his calf. Poor guy! It was very painful for him. He did see the doctor and luckily it was only a minor tear. He worked from home for 1 day and has been trying to take it easy on the leg. It will take several weeks for it to get back to normal. We're glad it was only a minor tear.

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Chris & Deb said...

Hi Laura,
Thanks for your comments on Sophie's blog! How fun that you are also in the TC!

Teddy Bear park is actually located in Stillwater. We have been there many times! It is just an adorable park! Here is a link to it:

The canoe trip we took from Lake Calhoun. There is a boat house there where you can rent boats. You can go from Calhoun to Lake of the Isles to Cedar Lake!

They are both great for kids! Let me know if you have any more questions! Have a great weekend!