Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Stealth Girl

Compare these 2 photos. Do you notice the resemblance?

Jadyn has a number of nicknames. The ones we sometimes call her are: J, J.J, Lyssa (short for Alyssa), and Lyssie. Okay, so I'm the only one who calls her Lyssa and Lyssie. Anyway, I've decided to add another one to the list. The new one is Stealth Girl.

She is so super sneaky sometimes, when she does things she shouldn't. Today's wonderful event was the dipping of a small doll blanket into the fish tank and throwing water all about the room. Water was on everything- the wall, the couch, the entertainment center, her books, the carpet, the fireplace.... Need I go on? I might not have even known she'd done this, except she left the doll blanket in the fish tank! I wonder if the fish enjoyed the comfort of a blankie this morning?

Yesterday, she came to me and let me know that her hair was wet. About half of it was wet. I was quite surprised and I asked her where she got the water. She told me she got it from the sink. Well I had a funny feeling about that. A few minutes later I checked, and she hadn't used the bathroom sink. I told her to tell me exactly where she got the water. She finally told me that she got it from the cats' water bowl. I just about had a cow. Should I be glad she didn't get it from the toilet? I don't know which would be worse.

A couple of days ago I discovered she had pulled the tips off the leaves of one of my plants and shredded another leaf. She has poked holes in almost all of the leaves of one of my plants before and pulled the buds off of my "ready to bloom" Christmas cactus plants. She never has any idea where the buds from the Christmas cactus have disappeared to. They are just mysteriously gone.

A few months ago she dumped an entire container of fish food into the fish tank. The good news is that only 1 fish died. It did take me 3 days to completely get the tank back to normal.

Then there was the time she made mud pies with the cat's dirty kitty litter and water bowl. I thought I would die! I scrubbed her from top to bottom and it took me about an hour to clean up the mud pie mess.

Seriously people, I don't know if my sanity will be intact when she outgrows this stage.

Here's the blanket in the fish tank.


OH MY #6 said...

oh dear. I forgot about all this badness they get in to!


Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

OMG~ What a sneaky girl! (should I tell you that I am laughing right now?)

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