Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm Finally Back

Yes, I'm finally back to blogging. I didn't really intend to be away for so long. We took a trip to Texas to visit family and we were gone for about 9 days. I'm not totally sure why it took me so long to get back to my blog though.

We had a truly wonderful trip and we had so much time to visit with family. It was great. I have tons of pictures that I want to share. I think I'll actually do 2 posts, because there are so many photos.
We took our time driving down to Texas and we spent one of the nights in Oklahoma City. We visited the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum. We had always wanted to go but we'd just never taken the time to do it. Boy are we glad we went. It was absolutely awesome. The museum is wonderful, and incredibly well done. You get such a clear picture of the magnitude of the devastation and loss. Since the bombing happened so many years ago now, one could sort of forget the horror of what really happened. The museum leaves no doubt about it. I would highly recommend the tour to anyone. We were there for over 2 hours, but we still did not get to thoroughly see it all. It's such a great museum.
This is Jadyn by the reflecting pool at the memorial.The chairs you see are where the building actually stood. Each chair represents someone who was killed in the bombing, in April of 1995.
On to Texas...
This is Bryan and my dad. Bryan sometimes enjoys a little target practice while we are there. You can see a cotton field behind my parents' property.

Here is Jadyn with a sparkler. My kids were happy to use some fireworks that Grandma had.

Playing horses with Grandpa.

Playing with her cousin Thomas.Water gun fun with cousins Chloe, Thomas, and Aaron. They had a great time and it was dangerous for any adult who stepped out the door. It was so hot though, that getting wet wasn't too bad. Bryan and Thomas Jadyn loved all of the excitement of playing with her cousins and being chased.
This is my sister, Teresa with Jadyn. Teresa painted Jadyn's fingernails and toenails. They were about the same color as her shirt. :)
Here we are, having a big ole toenail painting party. My sister painted the toenails of 5 of us ladies. We each had them painted like watermelons. It was fun, and will be a good memory. This is my mom, my niece Hanna, me, Kaitlyn having her nails done, my niece Chloe, and Teresa, giving the pedicure.

Watermelon toenails. So fun!


Lauryn said...

Oh, I'm so glad you guys got to go to the memorial. Finally!

That pic of Jadyn running with the water gun is super cute. :D

OH MY #6 said...

Hey friend! Glad your back! Sounds and looks like a good vaca! I am having Blogging block!


Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

Welcome back! Looks like you had a good time. I love the watermelon toes!