Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Alan completed his work on the deck last weekend. I know he is very glad it's done. I really appreciate all of his hard work, not to mention the tons of money saved because he did the work himself.

There was only one injury which can be directly related to work on the deck. One evening as we were eating dinner, I looked out to see my kitty figurine sitting in the chair on the deck. I remarked that it looked cute sitting there. It normally sits on the deck, near the plants. Alan asked me where I originally got the kitty. I thought that was sort of an odd question. Then he admitted that he had accidentally stepped on it's tail and broken it. You know, I actually felt sort of sad about it and went out to take a look. I think we do get a little too attached to things sometimes. :) Sure enough, the kitty now has a hole in her tail. The funniest part of the story is what Jadyn said. "Mom, I have an idea! Glue!!" I thought it was so funny. So here's a photo of kitty. Her tail will indeed be glued soon.

Here are some things we did this morning. If I didn't have a 3 year old, I would not be able to do these things. I am a lucky mom.
I drew her hand, and she drew mine on her Doodle board. Who knew that my pinkie looked like a goose head??

I was a princess. "Mom, I need you to wear this crown." Photo of crown only. I was still in jammies, and slept with damp hair. It would not have been a pretty photo. The crown is a bit tight for my head. I take it off when she's not looking. :) She comes back and says, "Mom, where's the crown? You 'posed to wear it!"

I was served pizza with my coffee at the computer. How many of you had such a delightful breakfast? :) The pizza was a nice change. I'm often served Duplo block candies.

We went to a Twins-White Sox game on Monday night. That was an unexpected and fun night out. Our friends shared free tickets and parking with us. It was fun to see a ball game and spend time with them. Here's a photo of us at the Dome.

This is a photo of Jadyn that I took last week. We were eating outdoors at a restaurant with family. Jadyn had a lot of fun out there. I took this photo because the color of her shirt almost matched this leaf.

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