Monday, July 21, 2008

My last post was exciting, and I can't say this one will be as newsworthy. It has been a fairly normal week. We did a bit of this and that.

Alan and I went on a date on Thursday night. That was awesome. We don't get out alone often enough.

Bryan went to Sonshine (large Christian music festival) with friends for 3-4 days. Today, he's off to spend a few days at church camp. I'm so glad he went.

I'll add a few photos of things we've done during the past couple of weeks.

We went to our city's parade. Bryan's band marched in it. It was the last time he will march this season. We had a lot of fun at the parade!

Here's a photo of Jadyn waving. We've been to so many parades, she should almost have the princess wave down by now.

This is Jadyn with our friend Esme'. Esme' sometimes babysits Jadyn. They are great friends.

Our favorite band!

The family at the parade. Alan was out of town and unable to attend that evening.

Here is a photo of Kaitlyn and Chris, shortly after they were officially engaged. He was nice enough to sing the song for me, that he had written for her.

Alan, Jadyn, and I went on a picnic one evening. Here is a photo we took of Jadyn.

Jadyn and Alan, playing the fishing game. What could be better than playing the fishing game, with your dad, in your fairy costume?

Jadyn loves bubbles! She asks to blow bubbles every day. It's a great activity that she can do out on the deck by herself. She'll sit and be content with this for quite a few minutes.


Lauryn said...

Ah, the simple joys of being three :D

Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

Great pics! Especially the one on the rock!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Love the photos... though I have to say I really can't stand that fishing game. The Tongginator always wants to play it and I get stressed just thinking about it. LOL.

OH MY #6 said...

So, I need details!! When and where will the wedding be?