Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Just Sharing

The masses have spoken - all 12 of you. The majority - all 6 of you, preferred not to have the curly flower thing in your way while reading. So I changed the design of the blog. How's this for busy and bright?

Oh.My.Goodness! Our weather is to-die-for wonderful this week. We have days in the 60's and that is terrific. We went for a walk last night after dinner. Jadyn was skipping, hopping, squealing and giggling the whole way. I told Alan that it seemed as if she doesn't get out much. :) Let's just say it was a long winter.

I know that everyone, no matter where they live, looks forward to spring. But I do believe that those of us who live in the colder climates enjoy the coming of spring that much MORE. Oh, it feels good to get out and enjoy the wonderful goodness of spring.

I took some photos of Jadyn on our walk last night, using my phone. I tried to catch the moment, but the photos just didn't turn out that well. We also saw a group of at least 6 deer on our walk. That was really neat. Those photos weren't great either.
I did find some photos on my phone that I do want to share. I always seem to do that.

Here are photos that I took while we were in Texas. I already shared them with family. It was necessary to share them when I snapped them, because it satisfied my texting need. Do you ever have that obsessive need to share photos with family, whether they like it or not? My poor family. :)

My mom, Jadyn, and I went shopping one day. We were able to find an Easter dress and shoes for Jadyn, and also her flowergirl dress for Kaitlyn's wedding. A successful day. Our last stop was the grocery store. Jadyn had fun with the little shopping cart she was able to use. They don't have them in the grocery stores here, so it was fun for her.

Here's what happened to Jadyn on the way home, in Grandma's car. Poor thing, shopped until she dropped.
We saw this chess set in the Lubbock airport,on the morning we were leaving. It kept her entertained for quite some time, until it was time for us to go to our gate for boarding. I was pretty happy about that.

This one is from lunch time today. "Look mom! My salami is a pirate ship!" This child certainly makes me laugh!


Lea said...


I love the new look!

when is the wedding? Can't wait to see pictures of the dresses!


Lea said...

silly me I saw the Easter dress below. so cute.

So then, when is the wedding?!!!

a Tonggu Momma said...

So much better! And I love the shopped til she dropped photo. Classic!

Kim said...

Love the new looks! Sure hope some of that warm weather starts to come this way soon!

Jadyn is just a hoot! Love her personality!

sunshine said...

I agree. It was a loooonnnng winter. We have been having so much fun this week since the weather has been warm.
Cute pictures of Jadyn!

Rosie said...

Your Jadyn is beautiful! Your blog also looks great. Hope everyone is doing well in your home.

Goosegirl said...

Jayden is so cute! I love the chess pieces. And your blog redesign is adorable. I would love some fabric like it!

In His Grace,

Jboo said...

Your new look is great!! Your Jadyn is a cutie. Love her shopping and chess game photos! Hope you have a nice day. We're longing for more warm days too!