Thursday, March 5, 2009

Our Week Thus Far

We've been enjoying our week. It's nice to have Kaitlyn and Chris here and spend time with them. We had Lauryn and Aaron over last night as well, for dinner. It's so enjoyable to have time with our kids.

Jadyn's emotions were kind of all over the place on Tuesday. This happens each time Kaitlyn comes home from college. Jadyn was hyper, needing attention, and tearful all day. I counted 6 or 7 times that she cried that day. Whew. We're down to only 1 or 2 tearful times now.

After I picked up Jadyn from preschool today, we stopped at the shoe store. I needed to look for some shoes for Bryan, for work. I had asked Jadyn to sit on the bench behind me, because she couldn't stop poking me and bugging me. One or two minutes had passed and I turned around. She had taken the gum out of her mouth and you guessed it - it was on her hands, her jacket, and her pants.

I was a bit annoyed, as you can imagine. I leaned down and started picking it off of her. As I was picking it off of her pants, I told her she wouldn't be having gum for a long time. Another mother overheard. She said, "You know, Goo Gone works wonders." Her daughter had gotten 3 wads of Hubba Bubba all through her hair and on a pillow. I guess I should be glad Jadyn's was only one little piece.

In the car, Jadyn said she was thinking about not taking gum out of her mouth anymore. Well good! :)

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a Tonggu Momma said...

Making a note... Goo Gone... Aren't you glad you had this Wonderful Experience so that you could help all of us out with the Goo Gone suggestion?