Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Two Casualties

It was an eventful evening here at our house. While I was cooking dinner, I heard a crash. I looked into the living room and found 2 of my Willow Tree figurines severely injured. One's head was completely severed and the other one's hands had been severed.

Sorry if that's a bit too graphic. It was shocking to see the one's little head on the floor, a foot or two from her body.

Jadyn was sitting in the chair looking a bit shocked and sheepish. I asked her what happened and I found out that she was trying to jump from one recliner chair to the other, over the end table. She knocked the figures over, or maybe I should say she sent them flying.

It was sad, yet at the same time I wanted to laugh. That's just my weird sense of humor. It was funny at the same time to see the severed head lying there. My son, Bryan had the same thought. So I actually had to compose myself a bit before I let Jadyn know that she should never do something like this again. She was very apologetic.
This pair of figurines was given to me by my sister, so it was sad to see them broken. I hope I can repair them.
Alan says he thinks maybe Jadyn needs some warm weather so she can get outside. Outdoors is the best place for her to expend some energy. Jumping my end tables is just not a good idea!


Jean said...

You have my condolences- so sorry for their fate but do try wood glue- maybe your sister will never notice.

Okay maybe it is late and that's why I can't see as well but you know, your audience has to wear readers or bifocals or whatever- so I'm thinking you may need to enlarge your print for the geriatric crew that likes to read your blog!

I always love to hear about your adorable little daughter even if she was a little mischievous! We all are needing spring!!

OH MY #6 said...

Oh dear! I do love those figurines. I have a few and they are so meaningful.

But, I do understand the "had to laugh" part too!

Hope you can repair or replace.

Hope everyone is better at your house.


Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Bring on Spring!! (kind of ironic, but my word verification is ressess...I know it's spelled wrong...but Jadyn needs recess outside!)

Kim said...

Been there, done that. Well, I didn't do it, a little person in our house about the size of Jadyn did. Super glue did the trick.

Good luck!

sunshine said...

I love those figurines. I want to tell people to buy them for me so I can collect them but on the other hand I'm so tired of dusting "things". LOL
Sorry yours were hurt! I totally understand the laughing thing too.

Sorry! I'm Laura (too!!) and I've just been blog hopping from peoples "Blogs I Follow" list and somehow ended up here!

I really love your blog and would like to follow along if you don't mind. :)
Have a great day and congratulations on your beautiful family.
P.S. Believe it or not my word verification is "bless"...

Michelle said...

Bless their little hearts. I've had to super glue many a head back on my Willow Trees. They stay glued on pretty well, so don't worry- I think they will be okay.

Terry said...

I read this while Evan bounces behind me from one end of the couch to the other...something he KNOWS not to do.

Yes, it's time to crack open the back door and go outside!

Lauryn said...

Jumping from recliner to recliner, huh? She must be feeling a bit better. :)

Nancy said...

Ok, we definitely have the same sense of humor :)

But I am sorry they are broken, and it sounds like Jadyn is too. I thought for sure it was going to be a cat that did it. Pretty sure she will figure out she can blame things on the cat. I get blamed for things, and I'm not even in the same room half the time!

Anonymous said...

hahahhahaha. sorry about your loss.