Monday, March 9, 2009

I Spy

I spy one little eye.
I spy one silly girl........who tied a ribbon on her toe.

I spy one sick boy, napping on the couch.

Yes, there really is a 16 year old boy under those pillows. Personally, when I'm sick, I want my bed! He's really not into napping in his bed. He'd rather be on the couch.

Bryan's been pretty sick with fever. Poor guy, he's never this sick and hates to miss school.

Jadyn is sick right now too. She's caught another cold, just on the heels of her previous one. So we have 2 sick kids in the house at the moment. Keep your fingers crossed that Mom and Dad don't catch this stuff.

A Jadyn Funny - Today she said, "Mom, when you grow up, why are you going to be a grandma?"

I've tried to explain to her that in a few years, if one of her siblings becomes a parent, I'll be a grandma. I guess she doesn't quite get it yet, or maybe she just wasn't quite sure how to ask about it. :) I love it that she doesn't think I'm grown up yet. 


Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

Very cute!

Anita said...

Jadyn....I LOVE your jammies...cute, cute along with you. And I know what you're going through with her and the ongoing colds....Kaylin had 4 in a row like that...cold/fever one week and then off a week...finally ended in that ear infection with antibiotics. AND Jen is home with a fever today too with it in her chest and ears. Can't say it's because of snow and cold though as it's been in the 80s here...ugh! :)

Praying they both get feeling better soon so momma doesn't end up like a cooped chicken again! :)

Nancy said...

Your pictures made me smile. I needed that.

The picture of her foot made me remember taking a picture of Rose holding dad's iPod with her toes so she could have her hands free to play a game on it. I'll have to find it and upload it to my blog.

Stay well, and I hope J and B get well soon. Rose was home from school yesterday because of a fever and cold, so let's keep our fingers crossed that we can stay healthy!

MKBookWorks said...


CC said...

My son always ties his sock around his big toe. I have no idea why! Good to see he isn't the only one...