Thursday, March 26, 2009

Farm Animals, Funny Things, and Fortunes

It's been a pretty uneventful week at our house really.

We've been experiencing some rain, and I LOVE that. It's a cold rain, and that's okay. I'm just so happy to see the rain. We have had a bit of snow this week, and I can live with that. I know it can't last forever.

I took pictures of Jadyn at preschool on Tuesday. This week they've been learning about farm animals. They even had a "cow" set up and the kids could pretend to milk it. Pretend Cow was an easel with a cow's head, tail, and a rubber glove filled with water for the udder. :)

Jadyn's been having a little separation anxiety again this week. Cries when I drop her off, and twice I've had to force her to separate from me. It causes a little pang in my heart. I do know that she needs to have time away from me and Mommy needs time away too.

I know she enjoys preschool once she's there, but she usually tells me on preschool mornings that she doesn't like it. "I just want to stay home with you, Mom." This too shall pass, but I wish it would pass soon.

She cried last night when we put her in her class at church too.

Here are preschool pictures....
Pretend Cow

Milking Pretend Cow.

Playing in the dried corn.

Painting "mud" on a pig.

Gluing spots on a cow.

Sorting animals.

Funny things Jadyn said this week --

"Mom, after our oak tree grows up and gets bigger, can we pick the oaks?" I told her it would probably have acorns. :)

Monday was Alan's brother's birthday. After dinner, he said he wanted to call him. He told Jadyn he was going to call Uncle Vince. Jadyn asked, "Is he a boy, or a girl?"

Ha ha. Just when you think they are figuring a few things out.

Fortunately, she's ours!

Photo from a recent dinner out. Jadyn's fortune said, "Sing and rejoice, fortune is smiling on you."


Terry said...

We have a unit on farm animal coming up in gave me some ideas!

Evan has a hard time with seperation. Right now it's ok. But things can easily set him off and he becomes the crying cling-on.

You're right, mommy needs the time away...just give her extra snuggle time when she gets home.

sunshine said...

Jadyn is so beautiful. You are so blessed to have such a lovely, special little girl. :)
Love the cow! That's hilarious.

I'm really regretting not putting my youngest into preschool.
He's 4 and here we have Jr.Kindergarten that the kids start at 4 years old. He will go every other day all day beginning in September. I put all my other kids into preschool and when real school began they were ready. I think Mass may have a difficult time adjusting. He's very clingy. I'm hoping he'll suprise me. LOL

P.S. I'm taking the advice about packing the dishes away for the kids. You know I was so wrapped up in how "I" felt about them I never even considered that someday one of them may like them. :) Good thing I've got some smart cookies reading my blog!

Colleen said...

I am loving that cow!!! So cute!!!! I'm sorry your little one is having some anxiety at preschool. Our Addison is a preschool drop-out but next year she says she is going. Now that she is four she is a big girl (so she says).LOL
We have had rain long as it's not snow I'm ok!

Sandy Toes said...

Milking that pretend cow cracks me up...what a fun day!
sandy toe

Gail said...

Will is enrolled for preschool for the Fall. I hope it goes well...sometimes I think he's bored with me.
Jadyn is adorable and I love her milking the cow!

Jean said...

Her preschool looks like so much fun! They are so creative! I am sorry she is struggling with separation. She loves her Momma!