Friday, October 31, 2008

A Fairy Good Day!

Our day started out with a Halloween party for our playgroup. The kids had a lot of fun and it was fun to see them in costume. As you can see, Jadyn did not want to be in the photo. Snow White came to the party. :) Mom and daughter dressed alike. Aren't they cute?

Jadyn and I carved pumpkins in the afternoon. She made the two on the right at preschool.

All ready to go out.

Pumpkins on the porch.

My polka dot pumpkin. :)


OH MY #6 said...

Can I just say, I LOVE that polka dot, pumpkin! LOVE IT!


Kristin said...

Jadyn looked adorable! I hope she had fun last night. :-)

The polka dot pumpkin is wonderful!! What a clever idea!!!

Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

Love the polka dot pumpkin!

Praise and Coffee said...

Absolutely adorable! I love the pic in your sidebar of the girls too.

Melissa the Careful Wisher said...

Love the pumpkins and the costumes! Melissa

lpiccoli said...

Laura, that first picture....I have seen that face so many times at my house!!!!! OMG, Mia makes the exact same face, how funny!!!!!!

She is adorable!!!!!!



Denise C said...

Jadyn is so precious..and I love your polka dot pumpkin!!!

Jean said...

It looks like fun at the FCC party- we are sorry to have missed it- Anna had an ear infection, I love the pumpkins!! Jayden is adorable!