Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fall Days

Maybe I should title this post "Trapped in the Basement" or "Take Out, Anyone?" The last two days we had an extra guest in the house -- Matt, the kitchen floor installer. :) We had a new floor put in and I'm thankful that we were able to have it done. I am so glad that the kitchen is almost put back together. Just one more appliance to go and we'll be back in business.

I am actually looking forward to cooking again! :) Seriously, having 2 days of take out food is enough for me. Last night when it was dinner time we said, "Darn, still no appliances installed? Looks like we'll have to go out for dinner." I really am ready to cook again though.

We spent a good deal of the last 2 days in the basement. The good news is that Alan and I have been doing a major project. The much dreaded cleaning out and organizing of paperwork. Much shredding and throwing out has been done and we've already taken out two garbage bags full. We're almost done and that is great. Now, if we can just keep it this way.

You know the project is LONG overdue, when you have some of those, "So that's where it is!" and "What the heck is this?" and "Can you believe we still have this?" moments. :)

Jadyn had a preschool field trip yesterday and all of the parents went along. We went to a park and the kids played, then went on a nature walk/scavenger hunt.

Today, Jadyn and I collected Fall leaves which she is supposed to bring to preschool tomorrow for a craft. Here are photos from those outings.....

One on a swing...
Two on a swing...Three on a swing! Nature walk
Excited to see a caterpillar.

Collecting leaves today.

We found a ladybug. :)

I love this girl, and I'm lucky to be her mom.


OH MY #6 said...

u r lucky to have each other!

Have a great week.


Kristin said...

What great pictures! So glad you had fun together.

I don't envy your kitchen floor remodel although I know you'll love the outcome. It will be nice when it's all finished!! Hope you are back to cooking very soon. :-)

Tracy Peed :: Creator/ Designer said...

Congrats on the kitchen remodel - be sure to post pics when it is done :)

Looks like you all are enjoying some great fall weather. We are too - Addie and I brought out the fall decorations today while Jax was napping - our house is pumpkinville now.

Jadyn looks like she has gotten taller. She is beautiful as always. So happy that you have each other. You are an awesome match :)

Take Good Care!


Anita said...

Love the new pics of Jadyn. Oh how I wish we lived closer to get the girls together. I know they would have so much fun together. Enjoy your fall weather...we sure are now that we're back in an area that actually has FALL!! :)