Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hide and Seek and Other Fun

Our weekend has been good. Kaitlyn came home for her Fall Break from college. She arrived late on Thursday night. We have been enjoying her visit and spending time as a family.

On Saturday morning we went over to the the fire station for the pumpkin give-away. I love pumpkins and was happy to get more.

Saturday was our city clean-up day. I was more than happy for us to get rid of bigger items we don't need and that cannot be thrown away in our small garbage container. Hurray! Our garage and storage room look better. The old grill, water softener, etc. are not here anymore.

Here are some Hide and Seek photos from yesterday....

Is Dad in the coat closet??
Do you see my dad in the laundry room closet?
Gotcha, Dad!

Here are 2 recent pictures of Jadyn, with her bunny in the car. I told her I wasn't sure if I could get the bunny into the seat belt. She was insistent that she would need to be in the seatbelt, and she squeezed her in.


Kristin said...

We love hide and seek at our house too. :-) Lots of screaming is involved!!

Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

Love the tucked in bunny!

Gail said...

We play lots of hide and seek here too....Jadyn is adorable. Love her name BTW! So pretty.

Anita said...

Must be the 3-yr-old thing to do...hide and seek, I mean! And I don't dare give Kaylin any ideas about bunny strapped into the carseat as she also has a bunny she LOVES dearly!! Too cute!

lpiccoli said...

Laura, Emma and Mia want me to buckle their bears up all the time too!!! How funny!!!!! It must be a 3 yo, almost 4 yo, thing!!!! I always have to squeeze them in!!!!!

She is adorable, as always!