Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pretty Princesses

Jadyn went to a friend's birthday party last weekend. It was a princess party and they had lots of fun. Here are some photos.

Nine pretty princessess. The birthday girl is in the middle.

Sometimes Jadyn doesn't like to cooperate when I want to take a photo. Can you imagine a 3 year old not cooperating? I snapped this one when she wasn't expecting it. I liked how it turned out.
The girls were asked to make silly faces. Some did and some didn't. Jadyn made one of her usual silly faces. :)

Jadyn has been commenting a lot lately on how everyone is bigger than her. I am surprised that she is aware of it at such a young age. All of the girls in this group are older than her and so they are taller. She has said it about her preschool friends too. "Mom, why are they all bigger than me?" It's something she will have to get used to. I wish it wasn't an issue already though.


Rides the whirlwinds and directs the Storms said...

Hi Laura nice to meet you too! You little girl is so cute! My daughter is really small too she is 9 and is just a little taller than my 6 year old step- daughter

OH MY #6 said...

Oh my how cute!


Lauryn said...

Oh, just tell her, "Lauryn's shorter than all HER friends, and she's still cool!" :)

Love the redesign!

Anita said...

Hey Laura! Love the new pics of Jadyn and your blog redesign. I'm gonna have to have you tell me how you did the blog title too with her pic. Looks great!

Karen said...

Beautiful princesses! I bet it was a lot of fun. Jadyn looks gorgeous!

Melissa the Careful Wisher said...

How beautiful! Love it! Melissa

Jodee Leader said...

Thanks for stopping by today!

It looks like the princess party was a blast. Cute pictures! I especially love the silly picture!

Jean said...

I love the new look for the blog!! The girls are absolutely adorable!!

Denise C said...

PRecius little princesses!!Such cute pics!!!