Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sweet Kids

As I was looking through photos tonight, I saw these. I took these photos when we were down in Texas, for Alan's dad's funeral and Thanksgiving.

This is Jadyn with our grand niece, Bryleigh on Thanksgiving day. Bryleigh and Jadyn are only 7 months apart in age, with Jadyn being older. Since we live at opposite ends of the country, they are only able to play together about once per year. Play they do though.

I think they are so cute together, and what always strikes me is how opposite they look in appearance. :)

Bryleigh is my nephew's daughter. Many years ago, as I watched my nephew grow up, I would never have dreamed that some day, his daughter would play with my daughter of the same age. I mean who would have thought? I think it's very cool.
Now for a bit of silliness. Here is my nephew, Thomas. He is 7 years old. Do you think maybe he had a bit too much Thanksgiving lunch?

Good times, good times.


sunshine said...

Two beautiful cousins! They look so cute together!
Your nephew is hilarious. I love kids that think those kinds of things up to do.
Boys are so much fun!


Anonymous said...

I just came across your blog and wanted to say hello!

Jboo said...

Those two look so cute together! Have a fun week!