Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Last night at dinner, we had a brief discussion with Jadyn about where we get our meat for meals. We'd had this conversation before actually, but I guess she needed to hear about it again. All of the basic animals came up - chickens, turkeys, cows, fish, pigs etc.

Jadyn said, "But what do we get from the fox?"
Umm...WHAT!?? LOL!

We were having ham, and she called it bacon. I reminded her that it was ham. Alan said, "Well they do come from the same animal." That's how the whole conversation started.

Now if you are a vegetarian reading this, I apologize. It probably seems quite unappetizing.

No worries, the foxes are safe.


Sue said...

Cute picture of the fox.
We have been lucky so far with the meat thing, they haven't asked to many questions about it.

Jean said...

Ya know they may eat fox in China? It wouldn't surprise me! Yuck!
We miss you two and the rest of the crew! I'm going to plan another afternoon play group at my house

a Tonggu Momma said...

I remember the first time my sister realized the red juice in raw meat was actually... er... not "juice." She became a vegetarian for a few month. (And did I mention that she was a teenager at the time? Heh.)

Sandra said...

LOL well I'm sure somewhere out there someone eats fox.

Jessi said...

Anytime we are eating meat and we stop and talk/think about where it comes from it ruins my appetite!