Friday, January 29, 2010


Look who is all smiles in the dental chair. Woo hoo! Jadyn has had a fear of having her teeth cleaned and checked for some time.

She's had lots of exposure to the dentist's office, but it just wasn't working out to get her into the chair. She had watched two of us have our teeth cleaned, sat in my lap in the dental chair and had her teeth counted once, and then when we tried to have her own appointment, it was a No Go. She would have nothing to do with the hygienist and the dentist.

Finally, yesterday she was unafraid to have her teeth cleaned, X-rayed, and the whole bit.
I was one happy mom, and I know she was proud of herself as well.

We've always been diligent about brushing her teeth, and I'd kept an eye on them. I really felt there were no problems.
If she'd had any kind of problem and needed dental work before now, I suppose she would have needed sedation. I might have needed sedation! :)

Her check up was just wonderful and we will stay on the road to good dental health. She even has her photo on the No Cavity Club wall.

Look, no cavities!
Letting Evie clean her teeth. Yay!

As a reward (bribe) for being so good at the dentist, I took her to the $1.00 store and she picked out a couple of things.
Next, we went to the pet store. This is one of her very favorite things. We needed some new fish anyway, since we lost some recently to illness.
Should we get the Chinese Water Dragon? He might be a good fit with our family. :) $45 for a lizard seems like a bit of a gamble to me.
Picking out new fishy friends! Always a treat.

~~Have a great weekend.~~


sunshine said...

Yay Jaydn!!
Congratulations on having NO cavities! That is awesome.

Keep up the great work!


hollym. said...

Yippee, Jadyn!

This is such a big deal around our house, too. Anna went to the dentist at two and did great, at three and screamed her head off, we skipped 4... and did home "trama":) work with her. At five I was quite nervous when we took her back but put on a big front, ex: "Yay, we get to got to the dentist!!" I'm telling ya, I really whooped it up and Anna did great. I was pretty tired though and the staff gave me, er, I mean Anna a prize from the prize basket!:)

Angel said...

Great Job on the no cavities!

We go next Friday for Emily's cleaning. I am hoping we are still cavity free also!

Jboo said...

Hooray for that great dental visit! Maddy has had sedation more than once and I'm afraid she'll a fave at the dentist and orthodontist offices!

Always fun to go to the pet store. Check out the dwarf frogs next time - very cute and very little work!

Hope you enjoy your weekend!

Colleen said...

whoo hoo great job!!! She looks like she enjoyed herself...and how is that fish? still alive? Ours don't make it very long LOL