Wednesday, September 29, 2010

One Little Boy

A few days ago, I had the opportunity to volunteer in Jadyn's classroom for Johnny Appleseed Day.  The teacher had a number of different activities planned for the children.  The children rotated through the different centers about every 10 minutes.  My center was the snack center.  I was happy about that, I mean who doesn't love serving snacks to little ones?

Our snack was apples and caramel sauce.  I cut the apples for the kids, adding caramel sauce to their plates.  I made small talk with the kids as they snacked, asking them questions about Kindergarten, siblings at home, etc.

Apples and caramel for snack makes some really sticky hands.  As they finished their snacks, I asked them to go to the sink and wash.  My 4th or 5th group of the morning was finishing up and most were washing their hands.  One little boy was still finishing his apples.  It was just the two of us at the table.  He said to me, "My mommy and daddy don't love each other anymore....They broke up."  Wow.  That was not something I expected to hear from a little one at my snack table.

I told him I was so sorry, and asked if he still gets to spend time with both parents.  He said he does and I told him that's so good, etc.  As quick as that, the other children were back from washing their hands.  That's it, the discussion was over.

Oh, how that little boy has been in my thoughts over the past few days.  He has also been in my prayers.  I think about the pain he must be experiencing and my heart just goes out to him.  I'm thankful that I was serving snacks that morning.  I was right where God meant for me to be.  I'm thankful that I get the chance to pray for that little one.


Sue said...

That is so sad, I hope that little boys feels loved by both parents and that they will help him thru his pain.

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

you are so sweet. Life is so unfair sometimes. But, I hope and pray that somehow his life will be better this way.


Jean said...

Such a heavy burden for such a young child...

I am sure you did not expect that at a preschool field trip.

Praise the Lord that you were there for him! I am sure your words were reassuring and comforting!

Sharon said...

Im so glad he had you to talk to. So so sad. Thanks for your sweet comment!!

sunshine said...

Awww Laura. ((Hugs))
That story just brought tears to my eyes.
I wonder if our children realize how lucky they are that they are being raised by both parents and that Daddy and Mummy still love each other.
It just makes my stomach sick when I think about all the heartache that some children have at such young ages....