Sunday, September 5, 2010

We've had a good week, and we did some fun things.  Jadyn and I went to the lake one day and she played at the beach.  We went to her school and met her teacher one evening.  On another day we went to the State Fair.

I'm glad we've had plenty of things to keep us busy.  Jadyn is so anxious for school to begin and busyness helps the time pass faster, or so it seems.  When the kids are anxious for something to happen, it makes moms that way too.  Is it time for Kindergarten yet?  What day does Kindergarten start??

Once she begins school, maybe she won't have to amuse herself by doing things like this.
"Mommy, I can't breathe!"  Imagine this, said in a voice with a pinched nose sound.  :)

Here are some photos from our trip to the beach.  Jadyn had lots of fun that afternoon.  I pretty much just sat in the chair, ate my lunch and took photos.
Jadyn found a new friend that day.  He was a little boy of about 3 years of age.  He was quite shy at first and didn't seem to want to play.  After a while, he really got into it and they had a great time playing together.  It was cute.

Here are pictures from the State Fair.  As usual, the baby animal barn is one of our favorite stops.
Jadyn would tell you that the baby ducks and chickies are her favorites.  My favorites are the baby piggies.  I definitely would not want to be the new mom of so many babies at once.  Oh my!
Sweet little calves.  
This little calf was only about 1.5 hours old.  
Llama Time!  How I love these guys.  :)  Call me crazy, but I like them more every time I see them.  They are so unusual, so friendly, and they love to be petted.  They like to sniff your hand or arm, just like a dog would. Ha ha.
Seriously, if I had some acreage in the country....well I just might have to have one.
A llama needing a trim.  :)  He looked much like a teddy bear in the face.
Baby Llama!  
Riding the Ferris wheel.
The highlight of the day for Miss Jadyn.  Yummy cotton candy!
At the end of the day, we had one very tired and STICKY girl.  All 3 of us managed to go home with some of her cotton candy on our clothing.  Yay.   :)


Number 6 and no more counting! said...

How fun! We also went to the Canadian National Exhibition this weekend. I love seeing all the farm animals and their babies.

Hang in there Mommy, soon!


sunshine said...

I can't wait for our city fair. It's so much fun to see the animals and all of the crafts and baking etc. It just feels so old fashioned and I LOVE it!!! :)

She looks so sweet sleeping. :) Kindergarten is very exciting. I CANNOT wait for school to begin on Tuesday. Really.... I need a day to myself. :)


a Tonggu Momma said...

But... but... llamas spit. *grin* Enjoy these last days of summer. Kindergarten is wonderful, but nothing beats summer.

Kristin said...

What a fun time!! And Jadyn is much braver than I. There is NO way I'd get on the ferris wheel.

Hope kindergarten goes great!! My kindergartner loves it. =)