Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Very Cheezy Post

This... is our son.

This... is our son on Cheez-Its
Bryan is crazy about Cheez-Its, and always has been.  We pretty much always try to have some in the house.  Gotta keep him happy you know.

Alan recently found a deal at the grocery store.  It was a really great deal!  So he bought all of these boxes.  We put them on one of the bottom shelves of the pantry, in the back.  The reserve supply of Cheez-Its you might say.  I didn't even think that Bryan knew they were in there, since he wasn't around when Alan brought them from the grocery store.

One night, Bryan came home from work and starts hauling all those boxes out of the pantry.  He wanted a photo session.  LOL!
I told him I didn't even think he knew about all of those boxes.  He said, "Mom, I know what goes on in my house!"

He's a funny guy, with a serious addiction.  :)

I told Bryan that these photos would probably appear on the blog.  He said that he has to do something every once in a while to make the blog.  :)


Jboo said...

Oh my -- that is funny! What a cute son!! Maddy Loves some Cheez-it's too!

Hope you have a great weekend!


sunshine said...

I've never even tried a Cheez-it!

That's hilarious! What's even funnier to me is that you have 4 kids and are still surprised they can sniff food out that's hidden!

He's a cutie. :D More Bryan posts!! ;p


Anita said...

What FUN....cheesy fun nonetheless!! :) That boy MUST love Cheeze-Its, huh?? Does he ever share with Jadyn?? LOL!!

Kristin said...

That is too funny!! And so cool that he cooperated for blog pictures. My son would not!!!

We love Cheez-its too. =)

God's Grace said...

Yes! It is a cheezy post! and your son is awesome but he need help with this :)

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

too funny!


Sue said...

Jade loves Cheez its too. Great picture of Brian. Dave is the same way about his picture on the blog, but will tolerate it at time.