Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Big Dig, and A Small Town Parade

It was a pretty busy weekend for us around here.  Alan started a  big project out in the backyard.  I've been referring to it as The Big Dig.  He's put in some underground pipes to improve the drainage of our backyard.  Rain water will now go directly to the bottom of the hill near the pond.  The portion of the yard near the house gets soaked and squishy after it rains and is a real problem.  It's been a problem for years and Alan's wanted to fix it.  But, who wants to dig up the backyard?  Big project, lots of work.
So Alan rented a big trencher machine and dug trenches on both sides of our yard.  Here are photos of The Big Dig.
Poor Alan really worked hard installing the pipe, doing some of the digging near the house by hand, etc.  He was so tired.  I helped with filling the trench and doing some clean up.  Lots of work, but good exercise.  It will be nice when the yard is finally back to normal.  Next spring, when new grass covers it.....It's going to take a while, but will be worth it.  

On Saturday, we also went to the local parade, put on by the Lions Club.  Bryan marched in the parade and we wanted to see him, plus it's a great little small town parade.  Lauryn and Aaron joined us at the parade, which is always fun.  This is a great parade for getting candy and other things.  Jadyn loves that!

The fam at the parade.  Two family members had to make silly faces.  This is one of Aaron's creepy faces which he enjoys making.  Lauryn really enjoys this particular one.  Not!
Jadyn and Lauryn
I need this car, don't you think?
I took a picture of this little guy, who was riding in the parade.  I believe that's a face only a mother could love.  :)  
Madeline was at the parade.  I figured Jadyn would be really excited to see her.  Not so much.  It may have something to do with that Really Large Head.  :)
It was a fun parade and I'm glad we attended.  Parades are all done now until next summer.

Here's a picture of Jadyn playing with her friend Marissa.  Marissa's grandmother is our neighbor.  Jadyn is always super happy when she comes to visit.  Not too many little ones live on our street.  I love it when Jadyn gets an unexpected play date.


Jboo said...

Wow -- what a huge project! Your Hubs is great for taking that on himself and nice of you to help!

Fun parade -- those creepy faces -- were definitely creepy!

Have a great week!

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

when I first looked at this I thought you where putting in a pool!

I love Madeline! How cute.