Monday, October 4, 2010

Our Weekend and Other Things

Our weekend was nice, sort of unhurried and relaxing.  We had enough to keep busy.

On Friday we had a little dinner out, and then watched a movie at home. 
On Saturday, Jadyn went to a birthday party.    Miss Jadyn, lucky girl, has been partying every weekend lately.  Fun times for her!

We spent a little time on Saturday doing some yard work.  We cut down all of the old, withering plants and flowers to get ready for winter. I didn't mind seeing them go.  Alan also did a lot of work on ladders, getting windows ready for new sealing.  Saturday also included some shopping for necessary clothing items.

The highlight of Sunday was church and lunch with family.
Last Sunday evening and again last night, I watched the new show on TV, called Sister Wives.  I'm curious if anyone else has watched it.  Interesting to watch, but I'm certainly glad I don't share my husband with anyone else.  :)

Jadyn and I have been battling colds for the last week.  We are so ready to kick this stuff to the curb.  Today my sinuses hurt all the way to my top teeth.  That's just wrong!

Here are some photos of the J-girl...
A party with cake, for Mommy.
Having a sucker in the toy bin.....because she can.
Nice ride!
Jadyn lost her first tooth last week!  She was so excited about this.
Here is Jadyn with her dad.  She is always super happy to see him when he comes home each evening after work.


Number 6 and no more counting! said...

Love, love, love, your new autumn look my friend.

YES, I have watched Sister Wifes. It made me feel horrible. Not sure why, as I am always open to different lifestyles in my profession. I get a bad vibe from the husband. YIKES! HAHAHAHA!


Gail said...

Congrats to miss J with losing her first tooth! Hope the tooth fairy was good to her. :)

Now you've reminded me to get busy with the getting ready for Winter yard work.

And like Lea said, I love your new blog look for Fall. So pretty!

sunshine said...

Yay Jadyn!! Congratulations on losing your first tooth!!!
Cute, cute cute pictures of her. :)

I've been fighting that awful cold too. It's been chasing me round and round but I refuse to give in.

Oh gosh!!! I watched the first week of Sister Wives and have this past Sunday's recorded. I haven't had a chance to watch it yet!
You know.. I guess whatever floats your boat and I don't like taking shots at how other people live per say but.. uggh! Those women seem like they are brainwashed or something. They say that things are great but some of the stuff that comes out.. little tid bits here and there.. cause me to think that all is not as "cool and awesome" as they would have you think.
And is it just me or, is Kody kinda creepy???
Will discuss this further with you after I've had a chance to watch this past weeks episodes.... ;p


sunshine said...

Okay, just read the other comments and see that Lea feels the same way about Kool Kody as I do.

Anita said...

Another first tooth lost....Kaylin (can't remember if you saw) lost her first two at the same time this summer! Boy the tooth fairy has been busy these days! LOL!!

Laura L. said...

I think Kody is kind of creepy too. I had a weird vibe about him as well.

He must be doing something right, if he can keep 3 women and 1 more will soon join them. LOL. They must see something they like.

guscat said...

Hey Laura,

Cate lost her first tooth last week too! It was the bottom one so it maybe the same as Jadyn:) Too funny. Tooth Fairy made the first visit to our house. We'll have to compare teeth on Sunday. We have the birthday partys here as well. Don't watch your show but think the whole thing is creepy, men taking advantage of women, yuck! Have nothing good to say, say nothing. See you on Sunday, Vicki