Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hello.  I'm surprised to see that so many days have passed since my last post.  We've been pretty busy for the last week or so.  We've been busy spending time with family and friends and as usual that makes me feel so happy.
I'm happy to report that all of us are feeling so much better.  Hopefully we'll stay healthy for a while now.  

I've been helping with a few things at Jadyn's school, which is fun for me.  It's sort of a novelty at this point.  Volunteering again at our child's elementary school.  Who would have thought?  Tonight I made a mega amount of soup for a teachers' dinner.  Making 3 batches all at once had me wondering what I'd gotten myself into.  :)  I got it all done though, and I hope they enjoyed it.

We've been loving the wonderful fall weather.  What a joy to have had such mild days.  About a week and a half ago, we went to a pumpkin farm with friends.  The weather that day was very warm.  Shorts weather is quite unusual for this time of year here in MN.  Photos of that will follow.
Alan and I will be having our 28th anniversary this weekend.  Yay!  Twenty-eight years makes me feel sort of old-ish, but I am oh so glad to have a fulfilling marriage with the one I love.  Happy anniversary, sweetie!

What's fun about this photo is that every one of these girls has a tooth missing.  What a fun age.
We went on a hayride, a very dusty hayride!
Look closely, and you will see a peacock in this picture.

Look closely, and you will see little girls going after the peacock.  One of the moms said that poor peacock would probably have dreams that night of being chased by little girls with black hair.  :)
 Our pumpkin.  This is her 5th fall with us and for this we are very, very glad!


Jean said...

Looks like so much fun- sorry we could not be there.

What a great fall this has been- unbelievable!!

We have so enjoyed every minute of it!!

Hope to see you soon ;-))))

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

Hope you are celebrating this weekend. Congratulations on 28 years. I sure know you love that guy. And of course he loves my friend Laura, why wouldn't he?!


sunshine said...

Happy Anniversary! Congratulations. Time does fly by, doesn't it?
We all get so busy with raising kids and ..life, that we wake up one day and wonder where all the time went! :)

Those are great pictures. We didn't make it to the Pumpkin Patch this year unfortunately. I just bought a couple of them at Walmart.

Looks like your weather has been great! It's been nice here but not that warm!


Anonymous said...

Your trip looks like fun! I love the picture of the girls with their teeth missing! Super cute!


Sandra said...

I loved those pictures! It was a joy stopping by here.

Heavenly Muse said...

very cute pictures....specially the girls with one tooth missing...:-)