Friday, April 2, 2010

I've Got It

I've got it, and it's nothing anyone would want. I have the family cold.

Our house must be like one giant petri dish. I don't even remember when every single one of us all caught the same illness. What a wicked little virus!

Now I'll be sniffling and snuffling with the rest of 'em. Yay.

Just hang a quarantine sign on our door. :)


Kim said...

Oh, so sorry to read you caught that nasty cold. Spring time colds are just the worst. Hope your feeling better soon.

Have a blessed Easter!

Jean said...

Hoping everyone feels better so you can rejoice during Easter!

So sorry about the nasty cold you all have.

Get Well Soon!

sunshine said...

I hope that you feel better soon~ all of you!

Happy Easter!


hollym. said...

Oh, Man!! I prayed that you wouldn't get the nasties!! Hopefully the warm weather will help to get you well quicker, Laura. Get some rest and Have a Blessed Easter.

take care,hollym.