Saturday, April 3, 2010

Adding Insult to Injury

Poor baby

Just have to share our woes. LOL As if I haven't complained enough already. I mean really....3 posts on illness. Who does that? :)

Guess who now has a stomach virus? Jadyn does. Yuckiness!

This is her first stomach virus, and we talked about what to do if "it" happened. She made it to the bathroom and the tile floor. Thank goodness for that. The clean up could have been much worse.

Easter plans are kind of up in the air at this point. Good times, good times.

I'm glad Jadyn was able to go to an egg hunt last weekend. I'm not sure if she'll be well enough for hunting eggs tomorrow. I so hope we are able to attend church.


Nancy said...

What a bummer Laura! I hope she is well soon, that is certainly no fun.
Happy Easter!

hollym. said...

Oh, Laura!
I just feel so bad for you all! Praying speedy recovery for sweet girl and that the rest of the fam escapes this bug!!
Happy Easter to you all.

Jean said...

So sorry she is sick! Yucky tummy flu...

Hope she and everyone is on the mend, soon!

Good job Jadyn making it to the bathroom!

Kristin said...

Poor Jadyn. I hope she was able to salvage part of the day anyhow. So glad Bryan could stay with her while you went to church!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Oh, Laura... I'm so sorry. That is no fun at all - for ANY of you.

And who posts that often about sickness? Well... I figure if I can whine about a small amount of snow for two weeks, then anyone can do anything they want. *grin*

And - to be even more tacky - I thought I'd share that I'm coveting Jadyn's panda. Oh, yes, I am. I'm having thoughts of stealing sick Jadyn's panda. I am a mean, mean person.