Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sniffle, Sniffle

They cough, they sniffle, they snuffle, they sneeze, and they blow their noses 30 times a day. This is my family. They all have colds.

The poor things are so sick. :( I feel sorry for them. Having a cold is NO fun. This morning Jadyn said, "I am not happy with my cold." I don't blame her. She is on cold #2 this month.

Here's the cycle: Jadyn gets a cold. Bryan gets a cold. Dad gets a cold. Jadyn gets another cold. After Jadyn's cold had been around for 11 or 12 days, I told her that her cold was about done. Yesterday morning, I noticed that she must have a new one coming on. She'd caught the family cold. I didn't have the heart to tell her, and I hoped she wouldn't notice. She did notice. She said, "Mom, if I'm not sick, why is my nose running so much?" Poor little one.

So here I am, in the midst of all of this sneezing, sniffling, snuffling and coughing. Coughing! Did I mention coughing? Last night I said, "If I have to listen to just one more person sneeze or cough....." Don't get me wrong. I DO feel sorry for them. I also know full well that I could be next.

Did I mention they cough?? The little one coughs incessantly. It's her thing when she gets a cold. It's enough to drive me batty. :)

By the way, yes of course snuffle is a word. Haven't you heard of it? It's that sound that a person with a cold makes. :)

On to something more positive - We did some fun things over last weekend.
We took Jadyn to an Easter egg hunt which was put on by our local FCC group. There was so much Chinese cuteness going on there. So many adorable children. Here are some pictures.
On Sunday, we had the joy of spending time with friends from our China travel group. Greg, Kim, and their children are vacationing in our area this week. They came over for a visit and it was so much fun to see them again. The kids played together like crazy, and it was almost as if they'd known each other all their lives. Good times.
Agnes, Jadyn, and Drew


hollym. said...

Colds, they're just "snot any fun at all!" I couldn't help my self!

Hope your family is feeling much better soon.

Have a Happy Easter.:)

sunshine said...

Awww I feel so badly for your family. Especially Jaydn. Poor little thing. :(

The Easter Egg hunt looked like fun.


Jean said...

So sorry that the family is not feeling well- colds are miserable. Hope everyone is on the mend soon! How is the weather up there- I had heard it was going to warm!

Cute pic of the kids!!

Nancy said...

We went to that Easter egg hunt last year and had a blast. It is a fun event!

Rose has had a cold too, but we still managed to hit the water park at MOA yesterday. She was one tired and cranky girl today though.

Hope Jadyn is feeling well soon. Maybe see you Friday?

lpiccoli said...

I am jealous!!!!! Great mini reunion, and the kids look so CUTE!!!!!!

OH MY #6 said...

How fun! Happy Easter!


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