Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Today, I'm feeling grateful for a number of things. First and foremost as always, I'm grateful for all that God blesses me with. Every single day, His blessings are apparent.

I'm thankful for time with family and friends. What a joy it is anytime we can be together .

We're celebrating our family's March birthdays right now. My husband had a big milestone birthday last Thursday, and our son, will be 18 tomorrow. He's the youngest of our big kids. How on earth could he be 18 already?
Here is Alan, celebrating his big birthday.

I'm thankful for a sweet husband, who is always supportive and kind to me. Also, here he is playing with Jadyn. I'm thankful for a daddy who will play with his little girl.
I'm very grateful that relief is in sight for me. (My apologies to male readers.) I've been having some serious physical problems each month with my cycle. I've always had some issues with pain each month, but over the last several years it has just become ridiculous. After so many years, I sort of thought that this is just how things were for me.

Last month, I had a lot of pain. It was my birthday, and we'd made plans for the day. Due to having pain for several hours, we did not get to go out to the zoo as planned. I decided that I was totally done and ready to see a gynecologist. It was my birthday for Pete's sake. Come on!

So I visited the doctor last week, and I was so relieved that we were on the same page about my issues. We've scheduled surgery for next month. I will be having a hysterectomy and also a 2nd procedure, to give support to my bladder. There are issues there too. :(
Please pardon the graphic talk here, but I feel it's important to share and be honest. The main reason I want to share is so you can be in prayer for me on that day and on the days following. It's April 19th, that's the big day. I'll be sure to remind you and ask for prayer then. :)

I've talked to and know so many women who have had a hysterectomy. Most say to do it and don't look back, and that I'll be so glad I made the choice. I also wanted to share, because there may be others out there who can benefit from knowing and may be in need of seeing a doctor too. You never know.
I'm experiencing a lot of pain this month too. Non-stop pain for over 24 hours on Sun. and Mon. Just take me to surgery now, please! Just give me narcotics and no one will get hurt.

Relief is in sight, and I am so glad. I know it will be a bit of a bumpy road for a few weeks, but things will be better soon.
Thanks for listening.


Goosegirl said...

Oh Laura, Congratulations!!!! I am so excited for you. I am jealous too, but will just be happy that you will have relief. I will pray for a healthy and safe recovery and freedom from pain. I will also pray for Jadyn that she will be free from anxiety while you are recuperating as I know that would be the biggest issue if I were able to have the surgery. I am sorry you are feeling so rotten but so happy for you that soon you will be feeling great!!!

Kim said...

So sorry to read you've been going through all this. I'll certainly lift you up in prayer as well as your doctors and everyone involved. I know recovery can sometimes be slow but I'm sure in the long run it will all be worth it.

Keep the faith!

Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

I am sorry you have to wait on the surgery, but the relief will be worth it!

Jboo said...

Happy Birthday to your Hub and your youngest son! The years do fly by!

Sorry to hear that you've had such a rough time! Surgery can be scary, but sounds like it will be well worth it. Will keep you and your family in my prayers!


Kristin said...

Oh I so hope the surgery helps. From what I understand from others, it will!

Happy birthday to your youngest big kid! My oldest big kid turns 19 tomorrow. Whew.

Sue said...

I had it done when I was 32 and am so grateful that I did...I will say prayers for you. Happy birthday to Alan and your son

Chris said...

Just got your comment on my blog...jumped over to yours. I can't commiserate with you, but my mother had hysterectomy at 30 something and the bladder procedure about 12 yrs ago.
Just a bit of advice about the bladder procedure...please follow the lifting restrictions!!!! My SIL had the surgery and did not listen (who else would lift these things for me) and with in weeks she was back in the same bladder problems.

With any surgery...look forward, not back!!

hollym. said...

I'll be praying for a good surgery and swift recovery, Laura. Also, for sweet Jadyn and any anxiety that she may feel with Momma being away and not feeling well. Take care.

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

OH boy Laura, you poor thing. You will be in my thoughts and prayers, prior, during and after. U poor thing.


sunshine said...

I'm so sorry that you have to go through a surgery Laura. :(
If it's any comfort, my sister (that is probably about your age) had the same procedures (both) done 2 years ago and feels SO MUCH better. No regrets at all....

Happy Belated B-day to Alan. All the best!


ReadingRosie said...

So glad you shared this so that you can experience the support of others who have gone through the same thing.

I had surgery about three years ago to remove a large cyst on an ovary. I was scared to death! The doctor who was going to perform the surgery took my hand and said a prayer over me and over her work before the procedure. What a blessing! So we'll just cover you in prayer here for peace and a quick recuperation and being pain free!!!

Keep us posted. XOXOXO