Thursday, March 18, 2010

For A Smile

Our local newspaper has been publishing these little gems for a couple of weeks. Kindergarten children have listed what they'd like to be when they grow up and what they'll need to accomplish it. I just love this sort of thing, so I'm sharing some of the cute and funny ones.

I've changed all names.

Billy: Doctor. Have other doctors show me.
Lily: Princess. Move to a castle.
Joey: Police officer. Have a whistle.
Sara: Veterinarian. Love animals, even cats.
Tommy: Soldier. Practice with my toy sword.
Amy: Firefighter. Learn to spray water.
Scott: Zoo Keeper. Get zoo keeper clothes.
Anna: Olympic Swimmer. Swim a lot.
Charles: Baseball Player. Play T-ball, Little League, Go to a baseball stadium.
Matt: Soldier. Shoot targets.
Mary: Princess. Get a crown.
Josh: Veterinarian. Take good care of my frog.
Karen: Doctor. Learn how to make people feel better.
Gracie: A Principal. I'll need to learn how to get people to come to me. :)
Hannah: A Princess. I'll need to marry a prince. :)
David: Baseball Player. I'll need to learn to catch a ball.
Katie: Dentist. I'll need to learn to pull out teeth.
Timothy: Baker. I'll have to learn to cook things, pour things, bake toast and banana bread.
Keith: Chef. I'll need to learn to cook lobster.
Jeffrey: Scientist. Experiment, study in Africa.
John: Basketball player. I'll have to sign up.
Jake: Fireman. Learn to use a hose, a walkie-talkie, drive a fire truck, have a fire chief and ladder, and be very smart.
Austin: Jedi. I will need a real lightsaber.
Sherri: Scientist. I will need lots of dinosaur bones.
Ellie: Teacher. I will need to go to school and know all the grades.
Tessa: Be a regular mom and on Sundays I'm going to be a choir teacher. I will need to learn from my mom to be a regular mom and have to make up lots of songs.
Aurora: Dancer. But no jazz dance because it's too fast. I will need a ballerina dress.
Janie: I want to be a Pooh bear. I will need to learn to sleep a lot. ((LOL. I think this is the best.))
Evan: Lego Designer. Learn how to speak all kinds of languages. I will need bricks and an apron, and a boss for me.
Michael: Scientist. I will need to ask God to help me. :)
Cara: Police Officer. I will need driving lessons.
Donald: Police Officer. I will need to learn how to arrest people.
Faith: I want to be a dog groomer, but I don't have a dog.
Chelsie: I want to be a haircut girl. I need to practice cutting stuff. (( Yes, but just don't start on the hair yet.))
Luke: Be a boss. Need a place to sit, desk, and a couple of dollars.
Susan: Teacher. Need supplies to make a room look fun.
Abby: Grocery Shopper. I'll need to buy people stuff.
Gavin: Policeman. I'll need to practice really hard putting people in jail.
Nathan: Pirate. I'll need to practice riding on a boat.
Alexa: Veterinarian. Go to school and train with stuffed animals.
Darryl: Cowboy. I'll need to learn to ride a horse, I'll need cowboy pants and a cowboy shirt.


Jean said...

What a day brightener that was!! Absolutely too cute!!

Thank you Laura, for making the burden lighter today and sharing your post!!

A smile works wonders!!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Ooohh... *I* want to be Pooh Bear!

Jboo said...

So cute -- I vote for Pooh Bear too!


ReadingRosie said...

So Cute! Sure wish we could maintain that innocence as we age.

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

Oh my word that made my day! so sweet.