Wednesday, May 27, 2009

May's Fast Pace

We've been busy lately. May is always that way. I think busyness is good though. It's way better than being bored, and these busy spring days are WAY better than the long days of winter.

How nice it is to get outside and work in the gardens and enjoy the warm sun! We've recently put in 3 new trees. I can't wait to put in more flowers too. I'm a little behind on it.

Kaitlyn's been home from college for 3.5 weeks now. I've enjoyed the extra activity in the house. We've accomplished so much, in preparation for her wedding. We do a little something on most days. During the past week, we have: had a bridal gown fitting, found shoes for 4, jewelry for 1, found my dress, finished and addressed invitations, helped buy and plant flowers in our friends' garden (wedding site), and I'm sure the list could go on.

Jadyn's had her funny moments as usual. Two that top the list this week are: "Mom, do animals burp?" Where does she get these questions? ☺ Yesterday, I was letting my hair dry as I sometimes do, for curl and wave. She told me that my hair looked like a dead leaf. What a great start to the day!

Here are some recent, random photos. They were all taken with my phone. A serious blogger would have a real camera ready at all times I suppose. ☺I whip out my handy phone all of the time, and I get what I get. At least I capture some moments I would have otherwise missed. Are they blog worthy? Hmm, that's debatable.
Berry Good
Kaitlyn's helping Jadyn send a text to Dad. You know, at the fast pace that today's society seems to move along, she made need a cell phone and texting ability by the time she reaches Kindergarten. Never hurts to learn early. ☺
Lunch time fun with our playgroup. Can you find Jadyn?

Having fun at a fountain.

Kaitlyn and Jadyn

We spent a little time with Ronald today.

Well, her fiance' wasn't around.


Kim said...

My goodness you have been busy! However, it sounds like wonderful memories being made.

Your phone takes great photos!

Jboo said...

Wow -- you have been very busy! The months zip by when you're getting ready for a wedding -- such exciting times! Great photos!


Nancy said...

Rose just commented how long Jadyn's hair is, right after I read your post (to myself) about Rose's hair getting long. And then she saw the playgroup picture and declared "Oh, it's not fair!" because she wasn't there. Just 2 more Friday's of school, and then back to playgroup yippeeee!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Shame, shame. Ronald is not someone a girl should play around with on the side. Despite his clownish appearance, he is truly the marrying kind.

Jean said...

Cute pics!!
It is so great to have the big girls home!!
Yes, Jayden will definitely need a cell phone for kindergarten- I am sure EVERYONE will have one! She can text you about the latest "show and tell" items at school!

Kaitlyn's fiance better keep an eye on her! Watch out for Ronald he is such a flirt!


sunshine said...

Great pictures!
You have 2 very beautiful girls.
Sounds like you are having fun and getting lots done.
May is a busy month for us too. Well... until school lets out. We are in SO MUCH soccer!!!!
Take care!
Love Laura

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

wow,the wedding is coming fast. what is your dress like?


Kristy said...

Hi Laura, I love all of the pictures. May is so busy for us too, and we are also having a summer wedding, our son Steven is getting married. Oh and I found Jadyn!!! lol

Love, Kristy