Friday, May 22, 2009

Oh Boy

Thought I'd do a post about our boy. I am almost a week late with posting his prom photos after all.
A few times recently when I've greeted Bryan, I've said, "Hey little man." These things don't phase him anymore. He's past getting annoyed with me when I use silly nicknames. He's pretty comfortable with who he is. He is 17 after all, and he'll officially be a high school senior in just 2 weeks. It's a little hard to believe that he could be at this stage, but I guess we'll have to just go with it. Do I have a choice?

Here are some Then and Now photos, just for perspective. Wow, how he has changed! I miss that boy of long ago, but every stage of life is special. I'm learning a lot about that, as my kids get older.

Here are photos of Bryan, his girlfriend Erin, and other friends ready to go to prom last Saturday. They stopped by our house for a bit before dinner.

Here is Bryan with Kaitlyn.


Beach Mama said...

They do grow up so fast! Godzilla is 17 and I keep looking at this handsome young man and wonder where my little boy went:(. But we are blessed to see how what wonderful young men they have turned into!

Kim said...

Awww, such sweet photos! Bryan is one handsome young man! Isn't it incredible how fast they grow?

day by day said...

I love to see then and now photos!! Where, oh where, does time go??

sunshine said...

Very handsome young man! :)
P.S. Yay! I can finally get in here again!!! LOL

Kristin said...

What wonderful pictures! Hard to see them grow up. :-(

watch for a before/now post from me before senior graduation. It's already in the works!

Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

Very handsome!

Jboo said...

Such a cute little guy and now such a handsome young man! The time sure does fly by! I agree with you -- each age is special in its own way. Great prom photos!

Have a great weekend.


Number 6 and no more counting! said...

he is very handsome. Looks like they where in for a fabulous time.

we do the prom thing this Friday. Oh, the excitement and drama is in the air!