Friday, May 1, 2009

Sleeping Beauty?

You know how parents love to take photos of their children sleeping. The kids always look so sweet and peaceful that way. It's hard to resist grabbing the camera.

I always go in and check on Jadyn before I go to bed at night. I make sure she's covered up and actually on the pillow. I never know how I will find her when I go in. Sometimes she's asleep at the foot of the bed, with her head totally opposite of how it should be, and feet toward the pillow. I pick her up and put her back on the pillow and cover her. This is getting harder to do. She's getting heavier.
Here's a picture from about a week ago, at bedtime. How does she sleep like this?

Earlier this week, when it was time for dinner, we called Jadyn at least twice and she didn't come. We finally went up to her room and found her like this. Some days she sleeps at naptime, and some days she resists sleep. This was a day she didn't sleep, so she fell asleep before dinner. We just let her sleep and had dinner alone. Not a bad idea, we had some "us" time. That's one way to have dinner alone.

Have a great Friday!

Check out my friend Nancy's blog, for some silly pictures of her daughter sleeping.


Lea said...

She is too funny sleeping like that. But, all kids do this. Why?

She looks much more peaceful the other way. Oh and very sweet.


Nancy said...

That's pretty sweet. It made me go in and look at my pictures, and sure enough, there are a couple of her sleeping like that. Now I'm gonna go post them on my blog so you can see too!

Jean said...

So cute! I love sleeping children!! Such a blessing!! I just took a couple pics of our girls sleeping last night!


sunshine said...

I love those pictures of kids sleeping too. jadyn is too cute!!!

day by day said...

I love that last picture!! You are so right...there is something very special and sweet about a sleeping child.

My Ella moves around a lot, too and ends up in all sorts of crazy MY bed, though! lol!

Rosie said...

Too funny! She certainly is a cutie. Love your new look. It is about time for a facelift over at Rosie. have a great day!

Doug and Terrye said...

I just love those sleepy-time photos!! I've post a few on my blog :)

Terrye in FL

Kristy said...

Oh what an angel, this picture made my tuesday!!

Love, Kristy