Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I Love My Plumber

I love my plumber. I must confess this, because it's something that's been going on for a long time. I just can't keep it inside anymore. We have been carrying on for so long now, that we have 4 children together. Scandalous!

What about his wife? Oh, I really don't think she minds at all.

The wife is me! I am married to my plumber. Yes, we have been carrying on now for 26+ years. My husband is an electrical engineer by day, and on the weekends he does plumbing. He did lots of it this past weekend anyway.

We had new counter tops and a sink installed on Friday in our kitchen. Alan had the not-so-fun job of hooking up all of the plumbing to the new sink.

Let me back up a bit here. On Thursday night, we removed all of the old counter tops and sink ourselves. One large portion of the counter top and sink (since we could NOT get the sink out) took 4 of us to remove and carry out of the house. Fun times. Too bad we don't have that one on video.

So on Friday, the installers came and put in granite counter tops. It was all good, until they cut a hole they weren't supposed to cut. I came into the kitchen to check the progress, and the head guy said, "Uh, we've hit a little speed bump." I asked him what was wrong. He told me that the other guy had accidentally cut 3 holes for the faucet instead of 2. Oh.My.Goodness! When you cut an extra hole in a piece of rock in your kitchen, it's sort of Too Late to go back and undo it.

It was a pretty stressful couple of hours after that. It was a little tricky being normal and calm with the installers, when I really just wanted to shout, "You what?!" The company owner called me and assured me that we would work it all out. We could either have something extra installed in the extra hole, or they would cut a new piece of granite.

It has all been worked out. We decided to install an instant hot water dispenser in that hole. Alan installed it and the company will pay for it. It's a little bonus we weren't expecting.

Now back to the part about how I love my plumber. Alan spent much of his free time over the weekend, doing the plumbing. Attaching new drains, pipes, hot water dispenser, water filter, and reattaching the garbage disposal. It was one of those jobs, unfortunately. You know how it is, it turns into the never-ending project. It required multiple trips to Home Depot, fixing unexpected leaks, dealing with faulty parts, etc. I know he was way past ready for it to be finished.

So, my hat is off to my very special plumber today. I admit it, I love him very much. Oh, and I am oh so glad to have running water in my kitchen again.
New sink, faucet, etc. You can see the little hot water dispenser, now installed in the extra hole.
I'm certain that I could never figure out how to do all of this. Kudos to my plumber!


Jboo said...

How great to have your very own plumber on the premises! The countertop and sink looks fabulous!


Gail said...

There's no way I could have figured out any of that...that's so great you have a plumber in your house! The counter is gorgeous!!!

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

I LOVE your plumber too!


sunshine said...

Lucky you! It must be really awesome to have a handy husband. :)
Love your new counter top and faucets! They look beautiful.

Beach Mama said...

Your kitchen counter/faucet/hot water dispenser look absolutely beautiful. I'd love your plumber too! Remodeling jobs are always so fretful and frustrating; especially when you hit all kinds of "speed bumps."

Terry said...

Kudos indeed! I am very impressed...does he make house calls? I need my garbage disposal installed. Never mind, I'll just have to wait on my plumber that I've been carrying on with for 26+ years ;)

hollym. said...

Wow, Laura!! My hubs is our plumber, and yes, I have a special thing for him, too!! I really don't know how our DH do all that they do! Your sink looks super!:)

Sue said...

I love how you started out your post. It brought a smile which is what I needed. We have an instant hot water too and love it especially in the winter time. Look beautiful and can't wait to see it.

Jean said...

I love your counter tops, they look great and the hot water dispenser fits right in! Thank goodness! It must have been very stressful while deciding what to do with the 3rd hole.

What a wonderful plumber you have!!

Dwane Zelinsky said...

You're very fortunate to have a wonderful plumber! My sister's plumber was very good too! We can always rely on him when have heater problems because he's quite simply the best. =]

Darryl Iorio said...

That’s just so sweet! One of the best ways to show love is through appreciation! It’s really an advantage to have a man in the house who knows how to do repairs. Good job to your plumber!

Jaye Conaway said...

My husband is a plumber too! And like you, I’m so grateful that we’ve never experienced even a small leak in our house. Little by little, I’m learning too how to do plumbing repairs myself.