Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday Memories - Toys In The Tree

Monday Memories
When our son, Bryan was small, the movie Toy Story was popular.

I remember the Christmas when he filled our Christmas tree with army men and Barrel of Monkeys toys, just like in the movie.

I remember that I wasn't totally thrilled with the idea of having all of those things in the tree. Now when I look back on it, it's just a fun memory that he did that. I wish I could have just thought it was funny at the time and been more patient with it.

He was talking about how he put the toys in the tree and he said that he "retched into the tree." He meant he reached into it. I explained that retching is another way to refer to throwing up. We all had a laugh or two at his expense, poor kid.

We use an artificial tree at Christmas. Another funny thing was that the next year, when we took the tree out of the box, we found one army man hiding in the branches. I guess it was a long year for him, stuck in a dusty box! Poor guy was probably trying to reach his fellow soldiers on his walkie talkie to no avail!


Dori's Mommy (Diana) said...

There is a blog award for you at my Custom Blog Designs blog.

Denise C said...

Merry Christmas to your precious family!!! HUgs!

Melissa the Careful Wisher said...

I remember the monkeys! Merry Christmas!

Kristin said...

That is too funny!! I hope everyone had a great Christmas. :-)

Chris and Deb said...

loved the army man in the tree! LOL!

Hope you had a good Christmas! Happy New Year to you all too!

MKBookWorks said...

I am a bad mommy - my monkeys are all hidden in a cupboard and we have NO green army men (mostly because I remember how much they hurt my feet when I stepped on my brother's!) at all!!

So where is my freakin' Elf!? Elf never made it... had to cook, clean, shop, wrap, decorate and thank myself! HMMRF!

Hugs to you and the sweet ones!!

Missy a Moonbeam Mom