Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Cold Contrast

Our family has been sharing a cold over the last couple of weeks. Oh joy!

Today I've been thinking about the differences between a mom and a 3 year old with colds.

Why is it that when Mom gets a cold she loses all energy, and feels the need to fall onto the couch after every other chore? Even more appealing is crawling into bed and just pulling the covers up.

Just give me warm drinks and try not to notice my sighing and moaning.

I go up and down the stairs with the energy of a granny when I have a cold.

In contrast, when my 3 year old gets a cold, it doesn't seem to phase her. She sneezes and coughs but seems to have limitless energy. She bounds up the stairs yelling, "I can beat you!"

That squealing and laughter that you hear? It's just my 3 year old. She has a cold.

Sometimes I wonder what I will be like when I am 60, 70, or 80. Will I just have to go to bed for 2 weeks when I get a cold?

When I was bathing her this morning, Jadyn asked if she could play more after we washed. I told her that I was tired and I just wanted to finish the bath. She asked why I was tired and I told her I was still tired from my cold. She said, "Well, I'm not tired!"

I thought - Yes, I know dear. You have the energy of 5 children each day, from morning to night.

She asked if I needed to go lie down and rest. :) She's also been offering me Kleenex today.

Maybe she will take care of me in my old age.


Melissa the Careful Wisher said...

So funny, but so true!

Kristin said...

I am totally with you! Why can't kids be sick like normal people? Why do they still have to play, make noise, and run around the house while us "old" people hang on the couch?

What's up with that?

Gail said...

Boy...can I relate. Especially that they have the energy of 5 children. And I have the energy of an 80 year old when I'm sick. Ugh.

Stacie said...

That is the truth, Lauren can have a fever and be really sick and still running around playing and getting into stuff like she's fine. I, on the other hand just want to sleep when I am sick :)

Anita said...

Yep, same with Kaylin. Runnin a fever and it doesn't hit her until about 101 that she ought to sit down. Oh if only we could bottle up all that extra energy and drink it when we need it, huh? :)

Gail said...

Laura, If you check my blog again I posted a pic of my new UGGS that I love very much. Lea bought a different style.

Have a great weekend!
Gail :)

a Tonggu Momma said...

Ugh... feel better soon. And of course she will care for you in your old age. You just need to brainwash her about it now.

OH MY #6 said...

Hey friend...I had that nasty cold a few weeks ago and it suck the life out of you!

I love, I mean, love the new look! U talented thing u!