Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday's Random Thoughts

Hello, and Happy Thursday to all!

Life here at our house just keeps rocking along.  All is well.  I'm enjoying having some time this morning to just enjoy the quiet and do what I want to do. With all of life's responsibilities and the daily to do list, one doesn't always have true quiet and leisure time.  Sure, there are things I could be doing or should be doing....but I'M NOT!

This post will just be random bits and pieces, as my posts will tend to be from time to time.  One thing that has many of us a little irked around here is Our Snow.  Just when most of our snow had melted, we got this yesterday.  How lovely.
Oh dear!  That's just wrong, isn't it??  The sun is out today, and hopefully it won't take long for this to melt.  I heard all of the birds outside this morning, just chattering away.  I doubt they were singing.  I'm sure they must have been expressing confusion and disgust.

I went to visit a friend early this week and as I was on my way out of her neighborhood I saw this.  I had to use my handy dandy phone to snap a photo.  Can anyone tell me what's wrong with this picture?
If you have guessed that the color of the house in the middle is A Little Wild, you are right.  :)  Who paints their house this shade of green?  If this is your house or you've painted yours this color.  I'm sorry.  I hope I haven't offended you.  All I have to say is, "What were they thinking?"  This really makes me scratch my head.

We're checking a few things off of our list with more things for Evan's adoption.  We have quite a list of things to do and complete.  Oh my.  I know it will all be done, one thing at a time.  I needed to get a form notarized one day this week, so that it could be mailed off to Texas.  We went to our city offices to have this done.  Jadyn has a piece of her artwork on display there right now, in the school district's art show.  So we were able to see that while we were there.  Here she is with her little snow-woman.  The snow-woman is wearing a tutu.  Gotta love it.


Number 6 and no more counting! said...

seriously, that house is bad, really bad!


China Dreams said...

I laughed at the house picture, because I have a friend with a raspberry colored house. Her house is among buildings that have been bought by a prep school and they're all white. When her house was white, people would just walk in, assuming it was prep school property. So she painted it to prevent unwanted tours.