Friday, March 18, 2011

Jealousy and Other Things

My parents have adopted a new kitty.  I haven't heard all of the details yet.  It's a boy, he's 6 months old and he's yellow.  He's going to be an indoor kitty. This is really different for them.  They live in the country and have always had outdoor kitties.  My mom posted on Facebook that she slept in the guest room last night, my dad was sleeping with that cat.  Hilarious!  I'm a bit jealous.  I want a kitten.

Yesterday was Bryan's birthday.  His girlfriend came to visit for the day. She lives out of town.  She brought him a tied fleece blanket she had made.  Those things are so toasty warm for winter.  She also brought him a giant chocolate chip cookie with icing.  I'm jealous.  It's not that he wouldn't share with me.  It's just that I'm older, and sedentary.  :)  This would not be good for me.  I do have to weigh in tomorrow.

It's high time that I leave my sedentary ways behind, don't you think?  Thank goodness I will soon be going for lots of walks.  The weather is getting mild.

We're doing paperwork and other things for Evan's adoption.  Filling out forms, sending things here and there.  It's definitely exciting to think that we're doing all of this again.  It's the funniest thing that once or twice a day I suddenly realize again that He Will Come Home.  Glory be!  Jadyn is excited and it's fun to see it in her.  She asks where he will sleep, and asks again to see his photo.  She says she will comfort him if he cries or gets scared.
Doing paperwork. Yay!  There's lots to do, but it feels good to be making some progress.

Jadyn's teacher at church shared the sweetest thing with me.  Jadyn told her that we were praying at home for Evan to be her brother.  They had also prayed in class for him.  Recently, she told her teacher that Jesus had not answered her prayer yet, and looked sad.  Last Sunday, she was able to excitedly tell her teacher, "Miss Karen, Jesus answered our prayers!"  What a wonderful faith-builder for a little girl!
Jadyn is a sweet child, and hardly a day goes by when she doesn't color something for us or make something. Here are 2 hearts she made for us.  The smaller one is what she made us for Valentine's Day.  Don't you love the randomness of the one on the left?  

Here's Jadyn with her little sundae she had after dinner tonight.  I was only a little jealous. Ha ha.  All of this denying myself desserts better pay off.  
Have a great weekend!


China Dreams said...

I'm up a pound this week, so I'm jealous that you have such good control! We had the advent of Girl Scout cookies, and I just ate them all up in a week to get rid of them. So now it's back to work.


Number 6 and no more counting! said...

Happy Weekend dear friend. You look fantastic BTW.

I have I mentioned how happy I am that your adopting?!!! It couldn't happen to a nicer family!


Laura said...

I love Jadyn's heart AND hearts. So sweet.
It's so exciting to see you filling out that paperwork to bring Evan one step closer to home! You look fantastic by the way. NOT eating that giant cookie was a good thing. :)

Take care!!


Elaine said...

Good for you not eating the cookie..or even part of it. It is hard. I am trying to lose some weight. I need to walk again. Stopped during the winter months. Love the picture of the hearts your sweet girl made you! And of course her picture. She is so cute and will make a great big sister. Thanks for sharing about her praying for Evan.

Are You A Mom said...

Now following you from
Please stop by and say hi!
P.S. I am sooo jealous of Jadyn's sundae ;)