Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Happy Tuesday to you all!  I hope it's a great day wherever you are.  I see a bit of sun peeking out here in MN and I am happy about that.

Seriously, melting snow is a beautiful thing.  It's been a long winter for us here.  I believe I heard them say we'd had 79 inches of snow, when I was watching the news last night.  79 inches! How exciting ridiculous.
As I walked down the street to get Jadyn from the bus at noon time today, I could hear the sound of melting snow.  What is the sound of melting snow?  It's the sound of water running down the rain gutters on homes and down into the street drains as well.  :)  If you live in a really snowy place, you probably love the sound of melting snow too.

Can't wait for SPRING!  Jadyn asks me almost every day when spring is coming.  I tell her that the calendar says March 20th, but it will be awhile before it looks like that around here.  Just knowing it's coming soon is a relief.

We had some good news last week.  Our paperwork has gone to China, to ask for their approval to adopt Evan.  So now we await word. We hope and pray it's a resounding "Yes!"  There's an adorable little boy over there and a family with tons of love for him over here.  We want those 2 to come together.  :)  Thank you again, for your support and prayer, it's super helpful.

I found this on the chalkboard above the computer desk, when I came downstairs a few minutes ago.  My husband wrote it.  Too cute. ;)

~ Happiness is having a home full of the love of family.~   

Cherish every moment!


Anonymous said...

i'm so excited for evannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! it better be a yes! there's not a better family out there!


Nancy said...

What a sweet note on the chalkboard!
Evan will be here before you know it, hang in there!
I was all excited because today for the first time in months I was able to see over a snowbank pulling out onto our main road. Didn't have to keep creeping forward until I could see clearly. I think we lost alot of snow today. Just in time for more tomorrow :*

Sue said...

I have complete faith that China will say yes. You and Alan are awesome parents.
I even heard some dripping of water today outside, which I liked to hear.

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

I love the fact that your adopting again.


hollym. said...

Hi Laura,
I don't know if you know of Steffie B. and Robin M. they both just adopted again. Stef just returned to the U.S. and Robin in a few days. I can give you their blog addresses if you're interested. Very sweet children! Anyway, can't wait to follow along on your family adventure!!
take care,hollym.:)

Janet and Kevin said...

Congratulations on your documents going to China! We are almost at that step after a long wait from CIS! Yippee Jesus!

janet and gang