Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Death of a Snowman

Can I share something funny, yet a little sad?  This happened yesterday.  I have had a cute ceramic snowman on my front porch for the past 6 winters or so.  I loved this guy but since yesterday was the 1st of March, I decided it was time for him to be put away until next winter.  I brought him into the house and I don't know how it happened, but I dropped him on the tile floor in our entryway.  Ahhhhhh!!  I just stood there screaming and shrieking  in horror.  I killed my snowman!  He is broken beyond repair.  :(  Jadyn wondered why I couldn't just glue him together.  Moms can fix anything, right?  Umm, not this time. There are just too many tiny bits and pieces. Poor little guy.
He still looks so happy, doesn't he? 

Thank you so much for your kind comments and for welcoming me back. Thank you for sharing our joy about our adoption plans.  It's such a good feeling to have the support of family and friends in this.  Some people have been over the top excited about it, and that just makes me smile.  :)  We are very, very blessed to have this opportunity.

My faith and my relationship with God is changing and growing so much right now.  When we follow him and trust him in obedience to what he's asked us to do, Oh My!  He just multiplies his love in our hearts.  This adoption is a leap of faith for us. Any adoption is a leap of faith!  Knowing that God is right here with us every step of the way, means it's going to be a precious journey.

Some of you asked if I would share about our weight loss plan.  I have been going to Weight Watchers since early August I believe.  My weight loss was pretty steady until Christmas happened.  I kind of fell off the wagon completely for a few weeks.  Then I had to lose a few pounds that all of those cookies caused.  :) WW changed their program and that took some getting used to.  Change isn't easy sometimes, but I finally decided to get serious again and more weight is slowly coming off.  You know what?  If I follow the plan and eat within the guidelines, it works!  Imagine that.

Alan joined a program at Midwest Weight Control in July.  It's a medically assisted weight loss program, and could sort of be compared to Medifast.  He was under their doctor's care, and also had visits with their counselor and nutritionist.  For many weeks, he only drank their shakes and ate their protein bars.  Slowly, he has added in more foods, as the nutritionist has allowed and advised.  Now he's only drinking 1 shake a day and eating a bar, I think. All the rest is regular food.  So it's been good that not only has it been about his diet, but has also addressed the mental and emotional part of eating.  Another cool thing, is that at least 2 of Alan's friends have joined and started their weight loss journeys, plus another friend at work was inspired to lose a lot of weight on his own.

We were walking a lot when the weather was warmer.  I have to admit I've been much more sedentary this winter.  I will be so happy when the weather warms and we can be out walking again.  Alan is good to do a lot of walking and jogging on the treadmill and also walks in the skyways downtown on his lunch breaks.

Have a great day!


China Dreams said...

What a great post! I'm counting points too. I want to be at least trim when I go to China, and of course I want to make sure I get as many years out of this body as I can and that those years are quality years too.

I'm looking forward to warm weather, too.

Sorry about your snowman :( Maybe Santa will surprise you with a replacement next year!


Elaine said...

Sorry about your snowman.

I have been on WW too, but did bad over Christmas. Your post encourages me to get back on. We are headed to the beach for our anniversary in May so I still have time to get a few more pounds off. :)

hollym. said...

Thanks for sharing, Laura! Don and I have been losing weight, too! Me very slowly, Don is steady! It feels good to accomplish this task that is long over due. Weight Watchers is a great help and exercise for us!

On a sadder note, because of my enduring love of snowmen and snowwomen, I am feeling your pain and loss of your old friend. Sometimes these things just my thoughts are with you. As ever,hollym.:)

Anonymous said...

sorry about mr. snowman! he's still smiling because he's in a better place. :)

and i'm so proud of you and dad for both choosing to adopt again, and to lose all the weight!!! i love you guys!


Nancy said...

How the heck am I supposed to find your house now? You should get one of those giant inflatable ones that plays music :)

i LOVED that snowman.

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

i CAN'T wait to hear all about your boy!

I am thinking of WW too! I can't believe how much weight I have gained.

So happy you are back blogging!


Sue said...

congrats on yours and Alan weight loss. And for your poor snowman, I am so sorry. I am hoping When Erin comes back on Monday from California, she will bring some warm weather with her. She you on Saturday

Jean said...

So sorry about your snowman- bummer...

This has been an especially long and snowy winter BUT I am now hearing the birds outside- spring is on the way!! Thank you Jesus!!

Shameme Adams said...

oh no!!, that little snowman was lovely, that would have upset me SOOooooo much. TRY and get him fixed!.
Shameme x