Saturday, October 24, 2009

That Really Stinks

Just had to share our current little problem. It's a small thing, when you think about the big picture of life.

As I mentioned earlier this week, we went away last weekend to MO. Our son was away on a trip with church youth, but returned before we did. He discovered that our cat, Lexi had been shut away from her litterbox for about 48 hours.

Bryan didn't see any pee or poo accidents when he returned, so he didn't mention to us, the fact that the cat had no litter box for 48 hours.

So, we returned from our trip, and returned to the normal business of life. We did notice however, that every time we sat in our family room on the couch, we detected a bad smell. We could not figure it out. It even crossed our minds that maybe the cat had somehow had an accident somewhere.

When Bryan returned from work a couple of evenings ago, we asked if there was any possibility the cat could have had an accident in the house while we were away. He told us how she'd been shut away from her box. He'd seen no reason to tell us, since he'd seen no accidents.

So we then sniffed all around and finally discovered that the cat had urinated on our couch. It's a sectional, and the portion she peed on was furthest away from where we sit the most. Oh Dear! It is such a funky, bad smell.

We checked the Internet, we sponged with vinegar, we bought the recommended cleaner at the pet store and we've treated it 3 times now. No luck, the smell is still there. Alan has talked to a couple of professional cleaners. They don't give us much hope. The next step is an overnight vinegar soak. If the smell doesn't come out, that portion of our sectional will be history.

If you know what cat urine smells like, you know what we are dealing with. Yuck!

So, in the grand scheme of things, this is not the end of the world. There are many folks out there with much bigger problems than cat pee on a couch.

I'll keep you posted.
No miracle for us. :)

I do have a question... WHY THE COUCH?? She could have chosen any corner, carpet, tile, linoleum, a plant pot... WHY THE COUCH??


hollym. said...

Hey, Laura!
Well, this really stinks!!

I looked on the internet and one person said that a heavy hydrogen peroxide soak took their wee wee smell out. The Peroxide breaks the protein down in the urine, which is what causes the smell, they say.
I love and own kitty cats and because I own them, I know and feel your pain.. Let us know what works for you.

On another note, we are looking for a new couch, (not urine soaked), and we thinking about a sectional. Do you like yours?

God's Grace said...

Wow, I know that smell and this is a problem! Let us know what works because my daughter has a cat that is peeing in places it shouldn't. And boy does it stink!

I have a little dog that thinks my house is toilet. We have no carpets left. all wood or laminant. Along with going outside she has always gone on puppy pads indoors but lately is going off the pad. She is an Italian Greyhound mix which are notorious for this problem. I just don't know what to do. We love her too much to take her to the shelter and no one would take a dog that pees in the house!

Not sure why I had to vent but there you go :-)...let us know what works for the urine smell.

Laura L. said...

Yes, I'd heard of the peroxide thing as well, but I would be afraid of bleaching. At this point though, what do we have to lose? We will just try the vinegar soak though and be done if it doesn't work.

By the way, we have enjoyed our sectional very much. The only complaint I have is that ours doesn't offer enough back and neck support. It's a little soft.

You might find a product at the pet store that will work, you might ask their advice. Depending on where the cat is peeing, you may have better luck than us. I know they sell products that are supposed to make it distasteful for the animal to keep soiling.
Good luck with your dog and cat. :) Pet ownership is a joy and also a pain at times!

Jboo said...

Oh yikes! I have no advice, but I feel for you! Good luck!


Jean said...

Oh yea... I am here to make you feel better...

one cat, three homes- it was a nightmare.

It is impossible to get the smell out and since your kitty has now found it can go other places BEWARE - she may do it again. Get rid of the couch and hope you can keep your kitty! I am so sorry to be the bearer of bad news...

We had carpets in 3 homes ruined, endless bath towels that the kids left on the floor, beautiful cozy throws for the basement and the list goes on.

The cat- he was beautiful with sapphire blue eyes and he matched our house but he eventually succumbed to cancer. We kept him because our Billy was so attached to him...

This also contributed to 2 of the most embarrassing moments of my life. Which I shared at our playgroup when it was at my house. In case you didn't get a chance to hear then I share them next time we are together!

hollym. said...

I didn't even think of the peroxide bleaching! Man, I'm glad you did, Laura. I really do hope you get it figured out.

Kristy said...

Laura I know that lemon juice gets out ha moldy wet smell out of carpet, so maybe it would work on cat pee, but I dont know if it would lighten the color of the fabric though. Good luck!


sunshine said...

Yuck! Cat pee is a terrible smell!
Good thing it was only the couch. One time our cat peed on my sons bed. That was terrible too. Had to get rid of the mattress. (and it was only a year old!!!)

Hope that everything worked out!


Kim said...

Twenty years ago,(when I was but a young whipper snapper) I bought a new car. I was so excited! It was a shiny blue camaro. I drove it over to a friend's house to show it off. While we were inside her house, her lovely cat, decided to use the driver's seat as a litter box. (I had left the sunroof open) I kept that car for about two years. I tried all sorts of things and never did completely get that funky cat urine odor out. Especially on sunny days, when I was parked somewhere that the windows had to be up all day! Good luck!