Thursday, October 29, 2009

Silly Girl

Our computer area is in the basement, as are Jadyn's toys. We were both down here, and I was doing something unrelated to the blog. I ran up the stairs to get my cell phone, telling Jadyn I'd be right back.
She said, "Okay, Mom. I'll keep an eye on your blog!" This child makes me laugh.

The way that she plays reminds me of none of our other children. She's totally different. I love how she sort of intermixes different types of toys, using them all together. I snapped a couple of
pictures this morning. She had some of her horses in the Kelly doll house. One tiny horse was in
the swing. :)

Then, there's the way she always puts Polly Pocket clothing and shoes on the animals. Yesterday, her tiniest horse was wearing a Polly Pocket skirt. Today, it was wearing shoes and rollerblades. One time, a goat was wearing shoes. Recently, (you may have heard this on
Facebook) an army man was wearing a Barbie shirt and he looked so "fashiony". Oh the fun! When she dresses her horse or some other lucky animal, it's always so unexpected and makes me laugh out loud.
Check out the horse in the swing.


Jean said...

Our girls are really into our blog too! They love seeing their pics on it and love looking at the other kids!!

Jadyn has a great imagination!! I love it when kids can play happily by themselves!! I used to be able to do that when I was young!

Anonymous said...

what a riot! the "fashiony" thing still makes me laugh out loud... as did the horse wearing the purse and dress. LOL!


sunshine said...

My kids like my blog too. :)

That is so cute the way she plays! Very girly girl...


Sue said...

Very creative Jayden, exploring "outside the box"

Kim said...

Jayden is to funny! Love her imagination! I must admit I've never seen a horse wear clothes and shoes, other than horse shoes. :-)

Gail said...

LOL! love the horse with the Polly Pocket dress and shoes on! miss Grace is quite creative too with the way she plays with her toys. Jadyn is adorable!