Friday, October 23, 2009

Our Field Trip

Alan and I celebrate 27 years of marriage today! He is spending the day here at home with us and tonight we will have a date. Thank you in advance, to our daughter Lauryn, who will take care of Jadyn for us. We are really looking forward to an evening alone.

Jadyn and I went on a little field trip with her preschool class this week. We went to a nature center which is not far from her school. We saw a puppet show, went on a little hike, and then viewed all the displays inside the center. I was impressed by all of the displays of snakes and other small animals, plus they had lots of hands-on things for the kids to see. It was everything from animal skins to deer antlers and hooves. It was a very cool place.

The little hike was quite rainy. We knew we'd be hiking, no matter what the weather so we came prepared. As a parent, you almost dread knowing it will be a cold, rainy experience. Even though it was WET, it was fun. It was beautiful out there. We even saw an owl in tree. Pretty cool!

I didn't bring along a regular camera, since I knew it would be so wet. I did snap a few pictures with my phone. I ended up wishing I'd brought the camera along, of course. :)

We looked for puzzle pieces on the hike, by following clues. Here is the completed puzzle.
Checking her wingspan. She's somewhere in between a Red-tailed Hawk and a crow.
a beehive
A non-rainy moment.


sunshine said...

First of all "Happy Anniversary!"
Hope that you have at least 27 more wonderful years together. :)

I love those little field trips. I went 2 weeks ago with Massimo's class. It was fun. Same as you.. rainy weather, outdoor field trip. We had fun too.

Love the pictures. They turned out well.. :P


Jboo said...

Cool photos! Looks like you are having some of our rainy weather -- will it ever stop! Fun times anyway!

Happy anniversary to you and your Hub! So sweet -- 27 years -- time just flies, doesn't it! Have a fun weekend!


Jean said...

Rain or not it looks like fun and you got some good pics! Where did you go? We need a little field trip like that for our girls!!

Happy Anniversary!! Enjoy the evening!

Nancy said...

Happy Anniversary and have fun on your date!

Sue said...

Happy Anniversary and many more. They always say it is harder on the parents when it bad weather then kids. You look like you had fun anyways.