Monday, October 12, 2009

A Busy Weekend and a Snowy Monday

We had a very busy weekend, much more busy than usual. By the time I went to bed last night, I was exhausted. Today's a new day though. Thank goodness for a full night's sleep. It's also a good thing I am feeling better. Yay, this is not a post about my illness. :)

Here's a partial list of some things we did this weekend... ladies craft night, dinner with friends, church, a birthday party, a festival, a class.
This is only the list of things Jadyn and I did. Alan and Bryan were busy too. Bryan worked and
also went to homecoming activities.
Alan flew to Kansas City yesterday for business.
There's a mini vacation coming up later this week. I think we'll be ready.

Today's weather has brought snow. Crazy! Honestly, it is pretty. No one is ready to have snow in mid-October though.

Here are some pictures of things we did over the weekend, and snow pics too.
Bryan made a cake, for a homecoming related thing.

Bryan and his girlfriend, Emily. Ready for the homecoming dance.
Jadyn, at a friend's birthday.

Jadyn had her hair painted all pink and sparkly, and had her face painted, at the FCC's Mid-Autumn Festival.

Snowy, snowy Monday pictures.

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